Weapon start card pop up when switching weapon?

Am I crazy or what’s happening. I play bl3 on ps4 and all of a sudden the weapon card stat card pops up every time I switch weapon.
It began when i were about to complete the last story mission (you know when tannins opens the chest in liliths room). This isn’t supposed to happen right? Anyway, it’s very annoying. Does anyone know how to fix thi’s?

What do you mean exactly? The full item card like checking the loot on the ground or the summary card in bottom right corner?

The summary card in the bottom right corner. I’ve played a lot of bl3 but am I crazy or should that summary card in the bottom right corner (it also displays when scoping with different weapons right after a weapon switch) appear after each weapon switch?

Yes, it will be there every time you switch the weapons.

I think I know what’s different now. The summary card pops up not emidiatly in the lower right corner but a little bit more to the center of the screen.

Have u ever observed this?

I don’t remember the exact spot, but it’s like this in every BL game.

Ok. Yeah i know it’s like that in bl1 and bl2 but haven’t really thought about it in bl3.
One of my kids pointed out that the card always pop up but he said that the card used to be more discreete and not as “centred” as now…
I live in Europe so there hasn’t been any new updates here for a while either so… (The arms race and 4th skill tree hast been accessible to us yet).

Anyway thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

Is there anyone else who’s been experiencing this “graphics bug” with the weapon summary card beeing to centred in the screen when switching weapon?