Weapon subsystem linking

Is it not possible to link turret subsystems?
I added some flak turrets to my carriers but I can’t find anything that might let me link the subsystem damage together. I want split turrets but shared health between them so that it’s not too micro-management intensive to disable them.

If anyone has information on it let me know. Would prefer not to abuse lua scripting to do it if possible.

Well, you just make one single subsystem with all these turrets in it. That’s it, if you target one turret then, all the others will light up and all the others will get disabled togeter.

This is gonna do weird things in term of targeting though (as in, enemy will likely fire anywhere in the bounding box when targeting that subsystem, and depending how far away your turrets are, a lot in that bounding box is gonna be empty space or, in this case, the hull of your ship).

So… Lua script it is?
Otherwise I guess I could just have two targetable turrets, but it’s a bit fiddly on the smaller carriers.

This works but it’s not the best because you can’t target the subsystem through the second turret…

It seems to have the opposite effect, it only allows me to target the first turret and that’s the only turret the AI wants to hit.

On the same topic, is there some special requirements for the AI being able to actually shoot at subsystems? (I have no issues selecting the subsystem visually.)
Numerous times I’ve added a turret on a ship and AI fails to shoot at it, usually bumping into the ship as if it had no line of sight. I tried adding a collision mesh, changing bounding boxes, wigglin’ every vector I can find but it seems the AI won’t take the bait. The only time it will fire upon the subsystem is when it is outside of the ships bounding box; which limits things tremendously.

Is there any magic bullet or workarounds for this issue?