Weapon swap problem during multiplayer games

Hi, all - new to the forums, so I’m not sure if this particular subject has come up before. I did a quick search but didn’t come up with anything that matches my problem. I’m here because 2K support couldn’t address this issue either, so I’m hoping that either someone in the community or Gearbox can help.

Here’s my problem: I play on XBox One and prefer using the Y button to swap weapons because it allows me to move and swap at the same time. In the previous two games (BL2 and the Pre-Sequel), I had no problem with weapon “cycling” because I found that pressing the Y button quickly would enable me to swap directly to the intended weapon. (Example: if I was holding the gun in my first slot, pressing Y three times quickly would swap me directly to the gun in my fourth slot.) In Borderlands 3, I can still play this way when I am solo, but in multiplayer the game seemingly cannot register the Y button fast enough to keep up, so pressing the Y button quickly no longer swaps directly to the gun I want, but instead cycles through my slots one at a time.

I’ve tried switching between the default and classic control schemes depending on whether I’m playing alone or with friends, but that’s a PITA and really messes with my play. Currently I am just playing using the D-pad to switch weapons so I am not going back and forth between control schemes, but I would much prefer that this problem get fixed. I’m hoping this is just another performance issue that Gearbox can address in a future patch, but I can’t seem to find any talk about this particular subject online, so if this post brings this to the attention of anyone at Gearbox who can help, that would be great.

It’s due to lag, try hosting the game and see if it works corectly. There are a lot of things not working like laggy menu that in multiplayer lags even more.

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Thanks, I recently hosted a multiplayer session and the Y button swapped weapons perfectly. I guess you were correct - it’s a lag/performance issue thing. I still hope Gearbox can fix this in a future update though, since I can’t always count on being the host.