Weapon Trinkets are way too small and a Missed Opportunity

So first things first, weapon trinkets are way too small. Most guns you equip, they are barely visible and can not see majority of the detail put into them. I’m not saying they need to be the size of a basketball hanging off the gun, but come on… anything bigger than what they are now. They are the size of a Penny in comparison to the gun.

Second thing, I always thought before the release, that weapon trinkets were going to add some special stats/effects to the guns. When I played the game for the first time I was actually amazed that Gearbox has missed this massive opportunity to add some Razzle Dazzle to the game by having different trinkets add different effects or bonuses to the equipped gun. Nothing overpowered ofcourse, but literally anything would have made them much more interesting than they are now.


+10% elemental effect chance…
+5% to add 1 projectile…
5% chance to not consume ammo…
-10% to weapon sway…
+5% chance to add 1 bullet back to the magazine…

Or even just cosmetically change it:

Change bullets into chocolate chip cookies (NOT OATMEAL)
Change the bullet trail to be red/green/blue… etc

These are not calculated at all and just some ideas/random numbers I am throwing out here, but you get the point.


I don’t even need stats on them, but I’d love for them to be big enough to see and whatever the charm is to be facing my character so I can see it.

Right now it faces out towards the side of your gun, so you can’t see them and they all look like the same random chunk of metal dangling. Like, why?


Yea, the size issue can be solved quickly, the stats addition would definitely need a good amount of tweaking/testing/coding… but the size of the trinket? That’s a no brainers and should be fixed asap.

I don’t even bother with the weapon trinkets. The menu lag is bad enough, I don’t want to spend more time in the menu to put damn near invisible keychains on my guns

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Menu lag is a separate issue. This thread is focusing on weapon trinkets.

They only look good on the butcher

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Put some light on them, make them glow, … something. I was literally trying to show my daughter, playing co op and she like “where”. Try a different one. “Where?” Never could see the thing.

Luv the idea to make them do something. Especially if it’s something stupid. Every tenth shot sparkles slightly. Tip of gun glows green. Just cosmetic effects would be fine.

Then every time you find one, it would be like. Wonder what silly effect this one has?

That’s the borderland spirit!

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The size of almost everything in this game seems bad.

As for trinket effects I agree with others. If they do add something keep it strictly cosmetic. The odd special effects such as shoot cookies, rainbows, giving guns a ghostly aura, all sound like goofy cosmetics that would fit with this game’s humor and give us another “simple” way to make our characters reflect our personalities.


If they add stats to trinkets, then people will use the ones that give the best buff instead of just cosmetics.

Unless they allow transmods which is having effect of one item, with the item looking like another, common in armors for arpgs

I really don’t want them to affect stats, we already have enough fun balancing out Anointed perks and all the rest. Plus the visibility on gun parts when you inspect a gun means there’s a lot more information given to the player on how to identify decent parts.

But completely agreed that making it bigger should be a no-brainer, in pretty much every case. Hopefully shouldn’t introduce clipping / physics issues in doing so.

Please let’s not have ANY TYPE of cosmetics with perks?

i want my character to look like i want, not to end up looking like a straight up clown because of passive perks.


Great feedback! Thank you to everyone! I would be happy with only cosmetic changes to the weapon, literally anything would make these trinkets more useful than they are now. Even just increasing the size would help tremendously.

Every dude always wants bigger! Remember it’s not just about size…

In this case, I’d say it is. Lol