Weapon trinkets gone from inventory bounty of blood dlc


New to this ,I play on pc the battle drive ,and devils tooth are gone from trinket inventory.
Once i restat my game.Is this just me?


Nope I’ve lost trinkets too

They are bugged. Keep the items in your bank or your backpack until they get fixed. If you already unlocked the Devil Tooth, unfortunately you’ll need to do the challenges for it again.

Edit: maybe you’ll get them back after they get fixed without refarming them, but until that, don’t unlock them.

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Well I guess mine is gone

Ok thanks,glad to see it wasn"t just me i guess.

I hope they retroactively fix this by mailing people the Devil Tooth trinket if they completed the challenge.

thanks every one

Tweet @borderlands this issue on twitter. They oay attention to twitter. Im bit so sure about here.