Weapon Upgrading: A use for money and eridium

This is a post i made on reddit and decided to post on the forums.

I think a good use for eridium and money would be to upgrade legendary weapons. This is a long post, sorry.

Upgrading a weapon would go from tier 1 to tier 10 (or more) and doing so would increase the damage or a particular stat per upgrade. The cost for upgrading would range from a low amount of money, to a mixture of money and eridium. At peak upgrades, such as tier 5 and tier 10, would grant that particular weapon an additional effect. For example ; the hellshock pistol at tier 5 would fire a corrosive shot after every 10th shot, and at tier 10 it would go down to every 5th shot. Here are some other ideas.

  • Lucians call and rowans call- at tier 5 body shots have a chance to ricochet and at tier 10 the chance to ricochet on body hits is increased.

  • Brainstormer-at tier 5 shock damage is increased and at tier 10 shock damage is further increased and arcs have extended range.

  • Ripper-at tier 5 shooting before meleeing an enemy increases the ripper’s melee damage. and at tier 10 the duration for increased gun damage after you melee an enemy is increased.

  • Handsome Jackhammer-at tier 5 thrown weapon explosions are increased from 5 to 7 and at tier 10 the explosions have an increased radius and damage.

  • Krakatoa- at tier 5 volcanoes are larger and deal increased damage and at tier 10 critical hits have a chance to spawn a volcano.

Upgrading could also be extended to shields and grenades.

  • Rectifier- at tiers 5 increased shock damage and extended arc range and at tier 10 upon shield deplete a shock nova is created.

  • Frozen heart- at tier 5 frozen duration is increased and at tier 10 deal more damage to frozen targets.

  • Moxxi’s bouncing pair- at tier 5 increased status effect damage and at tier 10 a chance for each grenade to deal additional corrosive damage.

  • Quasar- at tier 5 increased singularity range and at tier 10 a shock nova erupts on grenade duration end.

I don’t think the cost for each upgrade should be expensive because not everyone has millions of dollars and thousands of eridium to spend, especially if they are a new player. I also think the cost shouldn’t be so expensive because there are so many legendary weapons, shields, grenades, artifacts, and dlc items. This is just an idea i had so its not perfect, but I’m curious if you all think its a neat idea ( even though it would be a monumental task to implement) or a poorly thought out idea.

TLDR; using eridium and money could be used to upgrade weapons and other items so they can go brrrrrr faster and with some additional effects.

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