Weapon Variant Charts For Max Damage Weapon Farming

So im looking for info on the max damages and if certain higher damages only come in certain elements (like ive only seen the sand hawk over 10k in cryo so im wondering if only the cryo can come in above 10k damage) but this page for example seems incomplete as ive seen 10k sand hawks posted in groups im in on facebook as such. Anyone know any sites or pages that have more complete variant charts for weapons so i know when i hit the max damage ones and dont have to farm more. Appreciate any help.

If it’s something like 10k x9 extra 200 or 400 doesn’t make a great diffrence.

On the other hand I dropped over 100 Sandhawks from Katagawa Jr. at M10 and only Cryo had 103xx so I assume that this element only can be above 10k dmg. Every other element was between 9k and 9.8k

Yeah i thought so thanks. Still looking for a website with more gun listings for other weapons i wanna farm so i know when i dont need to farm them anymore as i have the best versions if such a site exists thats more complete