Weapon visual customizations

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The pre-order pages effectively announce that guns will have visual customizations in BL3.
Besides the trinket, which may be a buff (though I think it’ll be some dangly thing you hang off the gun) the preorders mention;

*gold weapon skins that are applicable to all guns in the game.

  • Retro Cosmetic Pack: Vault Hunter skin, Echo Device skin, weapon skin
  • Neon Cosmetic Pack: Vault Hunter skin, Echo Device skin, trinket
  • Gearbox Cosmetic Pack: weapon skin, trinket

    So clearly we will be able to apply a specific look to all the guns we may be carrying.

I assume some will drop, but also I expect that GB will be selling various gun customization sets. They may even engage 3rd parties to make sets for them to sell.

This doesn’t bother me, it’s the lightest touch of micro transactions, and probably merely cosmetic, so you can or cannot buy these without affecting your gameplay. In fact I’m reasonably happy that GB can make a coupla bucks selling gun skins, keeps the engine running while they develop Borderlands 4 :).


i never thought the trinkets would be something like that but i can see that now… that probably is what it is. this made me a lot calmer about the whole micro transactions thing

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More confirmation on the trinket being merelly cosmetic. From GB’s facebook post today;
you can also bling out your favorite gun with a handy gold trinket!.

Bling out means look, not buff, to me.

yh i agree with that RoA definitely looks to the guns

to be honest I’ve always wanted a way to make all of my guns match a certain theme / color scheme

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This is one change im not excited for. Borderlands having some sort of shop where you can buy skins? Doesn’t feel right.


If anything they should put melee weapons in the game like swords and maces and yes I know they focus on guns in borderlands and that you have a melee attack but I think it would be cool to wield a two handed sword with the element fire.


Who do you want as DLC characters and out of the main 4 vault hunters in Borderlands 3 who do you think should have not been put in the game. Personally I don’t think Zane should have been put in the game because his hologram and stuff is too much like Zero’s.

I’m holding back judgement on that because of this phrase about Zane who uses gadgets to cause chaos on the battlefield.
This means to me (and I could be wrong) that Zane is much more than the decoy/deception character. Something about that phrase brings the thought that Zane will be on the battlefield setting traps, laying snares, maybe putting down gun positions, and so on.
So I’m looking forward to the next reveals to see what else he does besides put out a decoy.


I like newer characters and Zane is too much like Zero. Amara is a siren like Maya from Borderlands 2 but their powers are different, so I don’t mind that. Moze has a Mecha which is cool and Flak has some kind of control of the creatures of Borderlands which is really cool because they have never done anything like that.

Back on topic, please. Which is trinkets and weapon skins.

Characters are being discussed here:

Ok, sorry

I don’t like the sound of weapon skins but if the trinkets are the things that dangle from the guns then I want the trinkets.

I don’t like weapon skins because I like to see what the weapons look like naturally because the weapons usually look cool without anything put on them.

I like me some skins for my Vaulters, and I like the idea of skins and trinkets for my guns
That said, I’d to see chibi figurines of NPCs or other Vault Hunters as trinkets

Rocking a mini ClapTrap trinket would be fun to me


So long as skins and trinkets have nothing to do with weapon stats, I’m behind them. I think trinkets like the ones in Rainbow Six Siege would be somewhat cool in the novelty way.

As for weapon skins, I doubt I’d use them that much, but I can see the appeal for some people of wanting all their stuff to look the same.

In reference to an earlier reply, though- Having a different looking melee weapon would be especially cool, so long as it still didn’t change any stats. Maybe instead of having a Jawbone Scythe as a melee weapon, Fl4k could be rocking something like a boomerang, or a metal sheleighly.

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