Weapon with 2 choosen lines

Hi every body, excuse me if I don’t speak English as well but I need an information, a friend drop recently a yellowcake with a x4 after the damage and 2 choosen lines, he swear to me he drop it IG and I know it’s exist some mod weapon, have you ever seen a yellowcake like this in mayhem 10?

Wtf? 2 annoitments !? :rofl::joy:
Everything about this weapon seems modded to me. Never saw an times 4 version or such an high dmg

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This what I think xD I gonna tell him I discover the truth this ba**** x)
He was like : hehehe you nub I drop dis and not you

Doesn’t seem legit to me. I never heard of any weapon spawning with more than one anointment and the fact that it also just so happens to be one of the strongest launchers in the game with the anointments also being some of the best in the game is more than just a little suspicious.

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2 anointments and an item score way too high indicating added components.
It’s modded imo burn it.
Probably has extra barrels added to it to increase dmg and X4 afaik doesn’t exist.

That’s definitely a modded weapon. Multiple anointments and x4 Yellowcake. Both of these things do not exist in the game.

Can’t believe anyone would mod a Yellowcake considering it’s crazy op anyways haha…

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General theory here is right, it’s illegitimate.

As if it wasnt strong enough as is. :unamused:

It’s modded imo,the only one’s I’ve seen go to x2,like Prowler690 said burn it.Play pure with the right build you can still have fun and face roll things in mayhem 10 with what really drops in game!