Weapon with million damage and unlimited ammo

Hi I am new in this game. I’m level 57 and played online with random people. He dropped me a weapon and shield, but with million damage, million shield and unlimited ammo which is very very powerful. I can defeated boss mayhem 10 in one shot.

Just want to make sure, is this glitch or what? I don’t want this glitch is ruin my game.


It is a modded weapon: something that was created illegaly with external tools.

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I see, this is even possible in ps4? … so should I keep the weapon or just trash it? Please advice thanks

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It is possible to edit saves on pc and then transfer them on console.

I d advise you to delete such objects.

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delete that abomination

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Meaning with this modded overpowered weapon, I can farm easily in mayhem 10 to get normal weapon that I want?? Hmmm sounds unfair though

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Well a modded weapon is a cheat mode

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if you have a modded weapon you can destroy everything so there is kinda no point in playing really. never really understood this kinda thing myself.

Sure I will drop this weapon to trash… This really ruin my game… I don’t need anything if I have this cheat weapon.

So yeah… Throw it away now


As if you need an annointment to buff damage!!

Modded gun. Use it if you like, i don’t recommend using online. BL players are very passionate about modded loot.

Some detest using them, others don’t see an issue.

A good amount of players I find are vocal about not using them but won’t say not to a free modded gun or shield when they are struggling to farm up the God roll piece of loot they are after. So yeah, you have that too.

But modded loot makes this game trivial. It’s no fun after a while. No fun at all.

An argument can be made for console users as PC user can share saves.


Thanks, but I prefer to drop the modded weapon to trash. I love farming in borderlands, I don’t want to have modded weapon that will ruin my game.

If I struggle to kill the boss in mayhem 10, then I can try to get help from ps4 communities. It’s much more fun rather than using modded weapon


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