Weapons and sights just a little too bright

When firing from “the hip” this is completely a non-issue, however, upon bringing a weapon up to fire using the sight or scope there are times the weapon body, the sight/scope, and reticle are overly bright making it very hard to see anything past it. Could we possibly get the luminosity lowered a bit when firearms are brought to shoulder? It’s almost impossible to hit something you can’t see. Some weapons are worse offenders than others, a few have near-zero issues. The lighting of the current environment also plays heavily upon how serious the issue is.

PS. This isn’t anything new, it’s a day one issue. I’ve just been trying to deal with it, even changing my normal calibrated screen setting as an attempted workaround. (I used to live in Photoshop, I still prefer a color-neutral screen). It’s not “game-breaking”, it’s just kinda, blinding.