Weapons Axton succeeds with?

In my time of playing Borderlands 2 I am fairly new to the forums. I played every character at OP8 and have a blast each and every time. But I ask questions for people who particularly enjoy Axton. I myself had got myself back into playing as Axton and I would like to know, what are your favorite weapons to use on Axton? Now this doesn’t exclude out grenade mods and class mods or even relics. I personally enjoy playing as fastball Axton myself with a Big Boom Blaster and Bone of the Ancients depending on the scenario. Also using the Master Grenadier COM as my favorite. So finally before I cut this off. How do you enjoy Axton?

My two Commandos play a Torgue and Dahl allegiance. They use everything from e-tech dart pistols to the Tunguska.

My Dahl build is based around turret action (and despite going down to Gemini, no points in Grit for me). Otherwise he’s got a pretty basic build. Lately I’ve been pursuing enemies with the WTF shield.

My Torgue build is based around gun action, and since Torgue doesn’t make slag weapons, the turret is mostly to get slag on targets (and Nuke is way fun to use to knock enemies around). Lately I’ve been focusing on Landscaper-only runs.

Explosive/Grenadier Axton.
Torgue weapons and Magic Missile for slag/grenade regen.

My Axton has a fire Kitten permassigned in slot 1. The rest varies depending on what I will be doing. There are some other weapons in the top gear post linked above, but I still need to get one or two of those…

I like the E-tech AR’s with him- heavy on the ammo but loads of damage. Kerblaster, DPUH, Vladof sniper rifles. Gwen’s Head, Hornet, Anarchist, Lady Fist, Torgue and Jakobs shotguns, Good and Bad Touch SMG’s, Rubi, etc. Axton uses just about everything well…

For SMGs I would say plasma casters and hellfire, sand hawk is awesome but does not get grenade buffs, for pistols I would say the hornet and Harold, for shotguns ravagers, twister, blockhead, and omen are all good, so is the butcher, heartbreaker and conference call but they don’t get grenade buffs, for assault rifles the hail, ogre, spitters, lead storm is great too but does not get grenade buffs, Bekah is good too, for snipers pimpernel and sniders, and volcano., Lyuda and droogs are great too but do not get grenade buffs

Heavy Gunner, leg soldier and front line rifleman are probably his best COMs, but all his legendaries are strong in their own right and expert grenadier is good too, naturally it is the best for grenade builds.


Assault Rifle:
Nasty OGRE(don’t need the slippery Prefix with metal storm)
Nasty Spitter

Rocket Launcher:

Maliwan/Hyperion PCs

Casual Carnage
Practicable Slow Hand
Casual Ravager

Not really running an explosive build with him so not overly worried about what weapons get grenades buffs- I just like using those weapons with him… :sunglasses:

Bekah and Lead Storm are great if you aren’t picking up grenade buffs, as are Dahl mini guns (particularly for loaders), otherwise pretty much any top tier weapon you could possibly think of. The dog is one of the most underrated shotguns IMO, could wreck face with kill skills active.