Weapons damage should not increase with mayhem levels. This broke the game

The idea of mayhem 2.0 has great potential and great new features. We’re due a patch in about 2 weeks which is the first of two phases. I’m hopeful that these patches can fix the most prevalent issues but I have doubts from looking at the patch notes.

Stating this, there are many issues with the current state of the game after mayhem 2.0 but I see one main issue that broke the core gaming experience.

The main problem is making weapon damage increase with each mayhem level. Increasing mayhem level to 10 instead of 4 is great but you should’ve left weapons at the same damage and not increased the enemy shield and health as much. It would’ve been the challenge hardcore gamers want to beat mayhem 10 with mayhem 0 weapons. (Obviously would have to make enemy health and shield around +9000 or less instead of +12500) this would have no balance or scaling issues.

Basically playing on M10 isnt even a challenge now if you have M10 weapons. So it pretty much defeats the purpose of increased difficulty in my opinion… its just like playing M0 when you have the gear you need for the mayhem level your on. Just increase loot chance, xp and chance for better annointments by ridiculous amounts each mayhem level.


You can choose the guns you want to use. If you want more difficulty, you can purposely use a mayhem 8 gun while you are doing mayhem 10. One major benefit to the current system is that it allows you to basically balance the weapons yourself. If you have a legendary that you really enjoy using but isn’t viable in mayhem 10, you can use a mayhem 10 version of it in mayhem 6 or 8.


@genericpro yeah of course you could make any game how you want but me personally I see no point in doing that intentionally making it harder on myself, that should come with the game naturally.


I can see what you are aiming for, I just have yet to be convinced that this “broke the game”.


I’d rather have the harder fix that they are trying to do. I’m just giving a easy way out that people would still find okay I guess. But nothing scales and nothing is balanced. Chest, Bosses etc are dropping M0 weapons. Itll take more than 2 patches to fix. And idk if I have in me to wait that long. Might just move on to another game.

I dunno about breaking the game there either. I mean, the weapon damage increase was a little under two and a half time damage and the mob spongie increase was up to 375 times as much.

So if playing with M0 weapons instead of M10 a Kaoson using 1 clip to take down a mob you might have to use 3 clips.

Not really seeing enough difference there to call it fully game breaking. Of course that might just be a difference of opinion in the feel of it. I just dont see it. Sorry.

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gbx says they won’t do op levels

they introduce op levels with god damn modifiers on top of it 6 months int othe game or sth :d



@Xolos If they kept it at M0 weapons, they would obviously have to reduce the shields and health of enemies so they wouldn’t be bullet sponges.

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Old M4 was great… Why the didn’t continue on that idea is beyond me…



I respectfully disagree. If you want more of a challenge, use m0 weapons and gear in higher mayhem modes.

The cool thing about the game is that you can adjust the difficulty by selecting the gear you go to battle with along with the mayhem mode you choose. Different players enjoy different levels if difficulty.


The point of increasing weapon damage with Mayhem levels was to keep the playerbase engaged. It’s the same shady reason why there are more smaller level cap increases instead of a few larger ones like in previous games.

GBX is well aware that they can no longer throw out content that keeps players interested in the game, so they do the next best thing (from their point of view of course). Having players refarm all of their crap every three or four months.

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They added 6 INCREASED levels of difficulty, you want the previous 4 levels of difficulty. They are still there, go play them. Nothing is broken.

Increased difficulty is there or you wouldn’t be here posting about it lol.

Player damage output as well as enemy health/shields/armor/damage was increased. Player healthpool and shields were left in tact = Increased difficulty.


Agreed OP. It was a terrible design choice that over complicates both the difficulty selection and damage scaling - especially for non-weapons such as action skills. It also makes it so that if you play on anything other than M10, the game is a cake walk unless you just happen to keep a bunch of lower tier Mayhem weapons lying around in your vault to artificially “increase the challenge.”

Functionally, Mayhem 1.0 was a much smoother experience.


Who has the bank space for that?

Been trying to preach the same thing. It also creates imbalance when you want to run with friends who are ‘new’ or not on your Mayhem level, it is sooooooooooo stupid,…


No, it wasn’t. The forum was full of complaints and that’s why Gearbox made Mayhem 4.


…which was part of Mayhem 1.0.


You said M1.0 was smooth functionally …What was smooth about M1.0? It was a train wreck. There were posts daily with complaints just like now.

They have stated that the intent is to grind up the levels of Mayhem. The point about M0 weaponry not being viable is entirely why weapon scaling exists. Does this cause additional balancing concerns? Yes. But it is absolutely a part of the stated design.

This probably explains the stronger weapons being locked behind later Mayhem levels now I think about it. Still not a fan of that, but absolutely in favour of the weapon scaling model they do have.

No, I said Mayhem 1.0 was a smoother experience compared to Mayhem 2.0, which has been an absolute disaster by any metric you choose. I don’t think either Mayhem Mode has been great overall, but Mayhem 1.0 was much smoother due to not having to worry about the weapons scaling with each Mayhem Mode and the modifiers being less intrusive on anything other than Mayhem 3. Most of the original complaints about Mayhem 1.0 were around Mayhem 3 due to people hating the modifiers, Mayhem 4 solved this for the most part. All they really needed to do with Mayhem 1.0 was add a few more Mayhem levels to smooth out the curve between Mayhem 3 and 4, and make the modifiers fully selectable and they would have had a pretty good system overall. Instead, they overhauled the entire thing and introduced a boat load of new issues that weren’t even a problem in Mayhem 1.0.

The amount of complaints that existed around Mayhem 1.0 once Mayhem 4 launched were an absolute fraction of the amount of people that are unhappy with 2.0, which seems to be the majority of the online community. If you think Mayhem 1.0 was a “train wreck,” then based on the community reaction so far, Mayhem 2.0 must be full blown armageddon.


What folks hated were the idiotic modifiers. The reason I played M4 was not so much the challenge but the lack of modifiers made is “easier” than M3 because I didn’t have to deal with modifiers. In M2.0 they decided to double down on the worst part of the Mayhem system and didn’t leave an escape valve for those of us who dislike the wild and crazy modifiers.