Weapons damage should not increase with mayhem levels. This broke the game

do i sound angry?

For those saying people wouldn’t play M10 if weapon damage didn’t increase. I think locking the cartel annointments from M7-M10 with M10 basically only dropping top tier annointments. That would make people play it. People playing M0 to M6 would only get the lack luster annointments for example… “increased accuracy while airborne”

There is pretty much no multiplayer unless your playing with friends. Matchmaking is a mess with all the modifiers, different mayhem levels, normal mode vs tvhm… I have never played in a group of 4. Everything’s so spread out it take 3o min to find a match with one other person.

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I agree that Gun Damage scaling should not have existed. Its an arbitrary grind that was created and a fairly false sense of “increased” difficulty when looking just at HP and Gun scaling (ignore the modifiers for now). But I do not agree with just pure HP increase of enemy HP for increased difficulty. I think this would just be a boring difficulty increase. More focus should have been committed to the Modifier design and allowing for much greater player choice in what difficulty they want to set. Simply, if players want Death and Cryo orbs everywhere, that’s their choice. If players want the feeling of True Vault Hunter mode in all aspects of the game (increased HP scaling), then their could be a modifier for that as well. Then Luck can be scaled appropriately based on the difficulty of the Modifiers themselves.

I wrote a post about it here awhile ago: Mayhem 2.0: HP and Gun Scaling Should Not Exist -- Greater Focus on Modifiers


It would be so much better if we could pick the modifiers we want (up to 4 or 5), and set their level, so like level 1 post mortem (death has a 5% chance to spawn) up to level 5 (80% chance to spawn), and level 1 speed demon (+3% speed after a kill) up to level 5 (+25% speed).
And SEPARATELY, choose our difficulty rating, which would add a damage resistance to enemies (or scale their hp, etc).
And then calculate our bonuses to xp, loot rarity and currency drops, based on our total difficulty rating.


Choosing lesser gear to create difficulty has always been the dumbest suggestion ever. If I use a m8 gun that cant do damage in m10, I’m just making enemies bullet sponges. That’s not difficulty.


it is borderlands not metro exodus ranger hardcore

do you wanna play super mario between elemental puddles and death laser beams and floor is lava while death chasing you with no ffyl? fine

but “some” people don’t and for a good reason, you can not make borderlands difficult it is not built like that it is a same god damn strawman every time. doom ethernals ultra nightmare is really hard but is it hard in view of the fact that people do 100% speed runs on it without glitches? are we to say that ultra nightmare is easy then? most certainly not. borderlands does not require particularly great gaming skills because it is a god damn looter shooter and evrything you add to it’s difficulty is just a gear test nothing else.

you will never need better aim fast reflexes or develop any movement skill to beat the “challenge” this is not that game, this is not unreal tournament or prey, where you either need ellite level shooting and movment skills with timing or extreme resource management. you are a vault hunter, you are a walking wreking machine that can take a raidboss and delete it, there is nothing in the world devs can do to make it more challenging but add hp to enemies.

you can also refer to my post here Big youtuber claims there's nothing going on in Borderlands at the moment!


So with all the loot in game already we are know gonna be able to get every gun in every mayhem level we will need a massive bank space to store them

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Spot on, wouldn’t expect anything else.

My only wish here is the ability to disable the modifiers and fight with my Raid Boss deleting rekking machine head on with the bad guys. I find the most of the modifiers detrimental to flow and fun of playing and have mine set up with two neutral and two beneficial modifiers because they are the least intrusive. However, it aalso makes M10 a bit easier which is counterproductive. Just give me massive shield/health/armor enemy bonuses then stop right there!

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Yeah same. Modifiers are not needed.

This is an rpg. I see the same old ooh every one still complains crowd im so special i dont conplain persons here. Lol at comparing m1.0 to 2.0 n saying the complaints are the same.

M4 felt like truely refining your build.

You could use m0. All the quest items were viable. You could play with anyone any mayhem. M4 was just an increased challenge. Anything lvl 57 you could carry into mayhem 4.

Mayhem 2.0 shoulda been no different.

But now theres 10 lvls of weapon scaling. Ppl say damage hasnt increased but lol you are taking more damage at m10 with all the nuttery.

It isnt like OP Levels where everything is just 10 levels higher and u can wear the gear.

Exclusive drops are locked behind mayhem levels.

This is an rpg! Players always seek the best loot. Its our perogative and a general one at that.

Ppl who scream… Use lesser gear even if better gear is available? Lmao. Yeah go play a rpg with lower lvl gear.

If they wanted to do tiers of weapons and gear like this they shoulda saved it for last tbh. Not the middle of its life cycle.

I was hoping for op lvls tbh… A challenge mountain to move up. Maybe do 4 different takedowns To get an artifact and go to a super secret place and get stuff that increases mayhem…

Mayhem with more mobs more hp more insanity like different badasses who have the modifiers spawnining in addition to the normal. So we dont run into everything immune mobs.ur boss infused etc. Bosses health would scale.maybe add arnor bars health bars new phases and new moves or attack patterns.

But nope its just a visual clutter mess. Bugs galore
Invulnerable drones inside walls u cant shoot. Pools that fly everywbere and can kill you in seconds. Death? That flys out through walls and pets/part ofnl ur damage and skills ignore.
Easy hard.modifiers like holy crit.

Its not a challenge itsa joke. Its game.play changes and visual pollution in a already polluted game. And those modifiers make multiplayer sometimes impossible for some ppl. Bugs galore. Loot pools polluted by events.

Mayhem 1.0 was smoothed out. This is true… Uh… May… Ahem. Oh i get it now… But saying this is our end game feels like the worst delayed april fools joke ever.

I agree with the op’s sentiment.


Not at all :upside_down_face:

Leveling a new Moze you see what is wrong with Mayham 2.0. We finished the main story line and switched to Mayham 1. The difference between Mayham 1 and 10 became obvious: in M1 you can still use nearly every weapon you find and every build you like, while on M10 we have about 8 usable weapons (only if annointed!) and two builds per class to play with only these weapons.

On M1 you still look into every purple drop, you can still use drops from chests and Loot Tinks, the enemies take longer to kill but not so long it would become tedious.

The insane scaling of enemy health compared to the mediocre gear scaling is what broke the game for me. That and the visual clutter. I really would like to have some graphic options to scale this down a bit. My rig can handle it, no problem here. But as soon as you enter a room, the screen gets filled with beams, pools, explosions and other effects of every color so that I most of the time have to use the minimap to actually find an enemy. Less would really be more here.


Totally agree. Was playing last night and there was quite a lot of loot on the ground in an area, plus a bunch of screen clutter effects, and I could find the enemy that was shooting at me for a minute or so. Couldn’t see him on my minimap for some reason and couldn’t see him on the screen. Kept taking hits but couldn’t find where they were coming from. Finally got him, but the whole experience was SO frustrating.

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I used to play a lot of V1 MM2, and had good weapons from it, then eventually jumped into M4. Once 2.0 launched, I started at 2, went to 4, and now at 6. The odd part is that my old 1.0 weapons are usually more powerful than what I’m finding in 6, especially shotguns. SMGs that I use, specifically the Cutsman, nearly doubled in damage, and The Lob was the only shotgun that got a modest boost, but most other things are…surprisingly weak, with annointments for other characters; rarely my own.

I can still play the game, but keep wondering how in the world people are getting these perfect annointments and builds when I can’t even get some of the basic drops complained about.

Given that I can’t get the annointments that work well with my build, the damage offsets it, otherwise I’d run out of ammo, and already do if using an Anarchy.

I’m OK with the game as it is…

I can assure you I haven’t been getting perfect anointments. Alot of them I just have to find a way to make it work. If the base weapon is good enough the anoint doesn’t matter as much.
Some of my good M10 gear dropped in M8 but had better anointments more appropriate to what I am doing.
The other thing to keep in mind, on PC players can pretty much make anything they want.
On PS4 I have heard of people using Cloud saving or some such to come up with better anoints. I would not know as I only use what the game gives.

Occasionally the game will drop something nicely built, but it is rare.


Most of my free time farming split screen with a second character at the same lvl,minimal to a degree of trading and some gifted by other forum members and a guardian rank over 400,Now before anyone says hardcore or really don’t want to farm.This has always been this way since BL1 for myself and loving this franchise and yes I work a full time job,this is my playtime and part of my socializing with others who love it like myself and my entertainment,so as far as getting perfect anointment’s sometimes rng can be very cruel and sometimes you’re lucky,I leave so much legendary gear just lying on the ground (Ugh)I’ll never put anyone down for how they feel and encourage other VH’s to keep positive and to help out when I’m able.It’s a grind but I’m in it for the long haul.

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I definitely agree

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Man that didn’t break the game. The developer’s children did. Because it’s obvious that a Fourth grader is in charge of content release and testing.

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It’s like you order food that looks so good but it arrives it doesnt taste or look how it did in your mind. I feel they thought it would be a good idea but in reality it was one of the largest mistakes Gearbox has ever made. The game is in shambles and i haven’t played in almost 2 months.

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