Weapons Disappearing from Backpack?

So I was playing with 2 of my friends and, along with resetting their skill points, it took a lot of good stuff out of their inventory (legendary and purples). Anyone else having this problem? They grinded a lot to get them and now their just gone. This was on Xbox 360.

Make sure that your backpack is sorted to show weapons. Going to your inventory and hitting LT or RT a few times will change the sorting method, and you might find your missing gear was there all along.

Yeah they don’t have anything. He might of accidentally sold them, but with another friend claiming the same thing, I’m really not sure that’s true.

I’ve had the skill point reset hit me many times when joining someone else’s game in TPS and, once in a blue moon, on BL2 as well. I still haven’t been able to get a reproducible set of conditions that cause it, but it appears to be caused by a hiccup in the communication between host and guest while joining. It seems more likely to occur if the host is in combat or a vending machine when the guest joins. I’ve never had gear go missing at the same time, although I’ve seen numerous reports in the past of the same thing. Unless your friends had created backups of their saves (eg on a USB drive), there’s not much that can be done. If they contact support, they might get some consolation golden keys, but support cannot revert the save files.


I know the one did back up to his USB. I’m not sure on the other one as we aren’t to-to close. Thank you for the information.