Weapons feel bad, almost no exotics on mr10, modifiers feel bad

Issues I’ve notice that have the biggest impact on my enjoyment:

  1. Only a few guns are viable In mr 10. Pre-2.0 weapons just can’t be used
  2. On mr10 I get very few Legendaries. This feels awful
  3. Some modifiers are a straight joke. Buddy system drones almost always Get stuck off map. Death skulls have way too much hp. Any invulnerability is just poor design. 90% reduction in damage just isn’t manageable.
  4. Xbone X crashes a lot
  5. Shields and grenades not getting stat boosts is terrible
  6. Iron Bear is useless again
  7. Even when Legendaries drop regularly it’s just too frustrating to get the annointment I want with the stats I want. Not saying it should just be handed out, but something’s gotta give

I’m enjoying this game a lot right now, but these issues do make it difficult to want to play long term. I don’t want this to be a game that I play on mr6, and only when new content drops… I want to want to play it regularly.