Weapons for trade

Posting the pics of the guns I have to trade, looking for legendaries for mayhem 10.(anointed of course) Cartel legendaries, the legendaries that drop above mayhem 6 (specifically the monarch, Kaoson, or Sandhawk, but I’ll take any with good anointment) Also any guns that are either good enough for mayhem 10 or have an anointment that make them good enough. Just post your offer (and PSN name if you want) and I’ll either friend request you or reply directly to your comment.

Dude send me a friend request and I will send you a couple M10 Kaosons to help you out. I would like your maggie 50-150 in return.

psn halinglis

Ight, I’ll send you a request

Are you interested in Lob?I have one cryo with 300vs 90.
I am curious about the Monarch with fade away( pretty sure I d be the only one :rofl:)
psn RHAAAALoovely

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Anybody who’s interested in anything my PSN username: tylerwentzy

I opened my messaging to everyone so you can message me on PlayStation now. Just message me and send a friend request if you’re interested in anything

That opq 50/150 you have literally makes it so you can do anything in the game, just use a front loader/lunacy/deathless dmg is a bit low on it but honestly I doubt it matters