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I’m sure there’s a way to introduce the weapon grinder concept here, and make it predictable in some way so that you had to work out the correct “recipe” to get the best weapon, including cash, Eridium and other legendaries to achieve the ultimate weapons.


I am going to fight for this until I die, but I want weapon part customization. I don’t care what the costs are, I will stubbornly fulfill all of them. Even if it’s completely illogical, and would be easier to grind for a new one. Make me pay thousands of eridium. Make me sacrifice entire arsenals of weaponry. Make me do stupid Claptrap missions. I don’t care. I just want to be able to change parts.


What about no, tho?


yeah, I think that with all the ways you can earn cash, eridium, legendaries that there will be ways to make you spend it all to get the weapons you want, I can’t see the point in storing a ton of weapons in the bank. And you can also achieve multiple missions being strung together to get the guns you need to throw into a grinder along with others with parts etc. There’d be some clever builds put together for sure

So far that’s apparently a no, and a maybe? I just think it could add a new dimension to builds, give more end game content, give eridium more use, and make guns that you wish were better a chance to improve, for a price. I’ve wanted this for 10 years, and I’m stubborn.

Another thing is leveling up weapons so they don’t become obsolete, and I’ve heard that one suggested. I like it, it means your weapons grow with you, and you don’t have to lose your favorite gun. Combine these two concepts, and you get a gun that levels up and changes with your character.

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I was kind of surprised there wasn’t a grinder in this game. I thought for sure it would have one. One of the best things I like about tps


IMO (not trying to trigger anyone) there are other ways to make Eridium and cash more “useful” than just putting in game a machine that WILL, if done right, defeat all the purpose, sense and logic of a “looter-shooter” game.

The grindr was a great concept badly realized. we can all agree on that.
But making a grindr 2.0 with actually good chance to improve any type of equipment will morph the game into a “grindr-shooter” boring mess of a game.
i vastly prefere to ““waste”” my time faming bosses to get a god roll equipment than just clicking a key on my keybord or controller to get/modify the weapon i want.

What if they put a random modifier each tie you reroll the equipment?
you roll it untill you get what you want.
in what?..2 hours top? 3 if you’re really unlucky?
What if i can just put my weapon inside the grindr to modify it like i want?
even in the best chance that we have to find or unlock the parts… in how mutch time do you think the playerbase will take to find/unlock them all and modify the weapon in 10 minutes?

if you tell me that the grindr 2.0 could change ONLY the anointed perks i could be happy with it and actually use it.
But a grindr that gives me a free pass to let me get hands to the top tier weapons just by choosing the parts for just eridium and/or money? hell nah.
i want to play a game that lasts long, not a game that gives me an easy and fast way to become overpowered in every way possible to just put the game on my shelf because it whould become boring REAL FAST.

(sorry for the weird english, not a native speaker.)


Ha, this is the response I saw taking so long. And I agree, I dont want to put an end to looting, that’s why I’d hope that it could be integrated into it. Let’s say to change a scope, I need to find a gun that is the exact same manufacturer, gun type, level and maybe even the same reciever to get if off. That will require grinding. There can be limits to the number of times it can be upgraded too. And let’s say you do manage to make the most optimal gun for your build, you can still do that for the rest of your loadout, and then for the rest of your characters, and their builds. There would be no way to ‘learn’ parts to apply them whenever you want, you’d have to loot them and pay for the swap.


I personally think, a grinder, that allows weapon re-rolls, would take all excitement from the game, as everyone would have their “godrolls” after a short period of time. Imo there are two categories of players, who especially like those looter-shooter games: The min-maxers, that enjoy creating the most powerful builds possible and those that like the kick of seeing a sweet legendary drop. Both would be bored really soon. I must admit, though, that I would highly appreciate an option to switch scopes on my guns, as some of them are absolute trash and completely ruin an otherwise great weapon. Also, when I first saw the component section of the weapons, I wondered, whether the devs initially planned full player customization and skipped this idea during the development process, as the whole system is huge and would admittedly put the game on to a new level. Due to my point mentioned above, I’m not sure, though, whether this would be good for the game.

You all have hashed this out pretty well and I can’t really add much other then throw my hat into the ring of “I’d rather have a reason to keep playing the game and not play the slot machine all day”.

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Good point, agreed.

It’s about the thrill of the chase, not standing at a machine. If you want it, don’t stop killing! :smiley:

I dunno…i already see people oneshotting bosses right now…imagine a game that will improve the chance of people like that.

Not that it’s a bad thing, let’s be clear.
But for how i like playing games this will make me lose interest in playing coop and ultimately in solo too.
Not that i like to use a weak build to enjoy the fight more, i kill bosses in less than 15 seconds too but…i like the game like it is right now.
in the middle of being powerful and the chance of being an op VH that makes 5 seconds videos on YT to brag about how good i am.
(that was a little bit of pricking on my part, i will admit it. lol)

Look at Warframe: BEAUTIFUL game. fun, engaging, it gives you the feeling of being powerful, grindy just on the right spot but it has a massive flaw: The player is TOO powerful. there is really no big challenge for people that know how to play the game.

i guess i just don’t want people to get bored of one of my favorite games because of the VHs being gods among poor mortals.

@Deterent. The joy of farming is that mortals can become god’s! :smiley:

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But, you know it’s almost mathematically impossible? Assume there is one billion guns, and then approximately 81 or so weapon sets for each manufacturer, and there are 9 gun companies… I’m not good at math, but I know that’s going to take a long time. In this way, the grind is without direction and is absolutely random. But, this could allow you to give it direction. They’d just have to make it require grinding, by getting eridium, and other guns to sacrifice to take a part from.

You’re absolutely right, and I don’t want that either. But keep in mind any gun that someone could upgrade would be a gun that could drop from killing an enemy. It wouldn’t be especially powerful or anything, you’d just finally be able to switch the parts that just synergize with your build more. And there should definitely be a limit on the number of how many times it can be upgraded.

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I do like the Grinder and seeing legendaries are plentiful in Mayhem 3 I also would love to see Annointed recipe or perhaps to re-roll it. I know in this game they’re so much can be done if Grinder is add and such than TPS which feels basic and decent there

im not sold on the billion guns thing. ive found 6 transformers with identical stats. same with guns. 10 hellwalkers with 2 different annointments. and so many more.

For uniques and legendaries, they’re limited to specific parts and stats. The Hellwalker always has the prefix Speedloadn’ because it always spawns with a specific part that makes it fast to reload.

I know hellwalkers all have that prefix. Why are there so many legendaries with ident stats? I’d grind away for weeks if I could improve my transformer by as little as 100 points!

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