Weapons item score above 600...how?

Okay seriously…is there some trick to finding weapons with item scores above 600? I have heard of people finding weapons with item scores up in the mid 600’s. Gearbox even showed off a video with a gun in the 700’s.

Currently, I have two or three weapons with an item score of 601. But myself and none of my friends have personally found anything higher. So what is the trick? What has to be in place to start finding the better higher item score gear? I am already running TVHM on Mayhem 3 pretty much almost 100% of the time.

Pay little to no mind about gear score. It is 100% worthless.

Highest items I know of are 621. Lucian’s Call at level 50 will always have a gear score of 596. Anointment adds +25 gear score. 596+25=621 Knowing all of this and paying attention to gear score only further made me want to not pay attention to gear score. I don’t know how they arrived at these numbers but I promise you they are useless.

*Disclaimer these opinions are my own and are based on the gear and items I have found and used. This is Borderlands, I will always believe there is a better version of my weapons and items to be found.

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I get that the actual Item Score is mostly useless. Just boggles my mind that there are higher Item Scores out there to be found and yet I have not found any…at all. The advertising campaign was based off of a “gazillion guns” or whatever the slogan was. And yet item scores seem to stop at just over 600?

Still bumbed that the Doom Shotgun Hellwalker didn’t get Item Score 666…it was a natural lock for that Item Score. Even though the gun itself has proven to be absolutely worthless.

It’s an arbitrary number. I was very curious about it too, for about a week. Then I realized how absolutely worthless those numbers are. If not for the fact that I have always kept my items sorted by gear score and have now gotten used to where things are in my inventory based off of gear score I would prefer that they completely do away with this arbitrary number.

The only way you are going to find higher numbered items is to find an Anointed version. Lucian’s and Faiser are the highest gear scored items that I know of. Finding an Anointed version is the only way to get a higher number that I am aware of.

Again I suggest not paying attention to it and using the weapons you like and find fun to use.

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Item score is an aggregate of rarity, level requirement, number of parts and if it is anointed. The main reason for seeing a disparity in item score is the amount of parts. The only thing item score is useful for is comparing two of the same weapon (two flakkers for example). Outside of that it is a completely meaningless metric.

And even then I would take that number difference with a grain of salt. A weapon with more zoom can produce a higher number but is not preferred to me. I like short zoom scopes over long.

I have yet to find a good place in the game to use a Zoom over say 2X. Most enemies do not spawn until you enter the area. And then once spawned most of the mob rushes you. Trying to zoom in to kill something at a distance most of the time will get you killed in BL3.

Snipers with insane zoom levels have been rendered basically useless. Previous games they came in handy from time to time. However, if you die and respawn at the nearest save point, it can give you a brief opportunity to use a sniper if spawned far enough back.

Kind of reminds me of the Gearscore in World of Warcraft. People would yell: I’m GS 6500, I am so good!:slight_smile:

Git a 621 assault rifle tht was junk.

I love the hellwalker. It does work on mayhem 3, especially if you’re playing fl4k with points invested into two fang.

Forget about those numbers, some great gears have under 500 and some trash ones have over 600…

it all comes down to your play style and your build.

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Yeah I can get 600 plus loot as purple rarity 90% of the time at levle 53 TVHM mayhem 4…highest loot score I have is a sniper at 638 purple anointed, bout it from a vending mech.

yeah, with the 53 lvl cap it’s pretty common now. but this thread is definitely from the “before times”