Weapons item score suggest

Weapon stats:
D - damage
FR - fire rate
MS - magazine size
RT - reload time

EDPS = (D * FR * MS) / (FR * RT + MS)

EDPS is effective damage per second.
It might be more useful than item score.

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youre ignoring elemental damage crit bonus damage and barrel attahments/modes like sticky but ty not a bad formula. I prefer to use calculators tho like online ones that include them

Also ignoring any other bonuses that may assist in dps like crits or additional rounds (like a gun that fire rockets every 7th bullet) or even guns that chain damage across enemies.

Also puts snipers in an awkward light.

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I used this formula in BL2 (Calculated on a standard calculator in smartphone) :slight_smile:
This formula does not take into account many factors, but is useful as a base when comparing weapons. And it’s can be improved in many different ways.

The idea is to completely change how the item score is calculated in the direction of calculating the real effectiveness of the weapons.