Weapons/Items Buff List

Out of the 22 new dlc weapons, 8 of them come up are coming up short as far as performance goes. Here they are listed.

  • Web Slinger

  • Satisfaction

  • Chandelier

  • Frequency

  • Beacon

  • Plumage

  • Brightside

  • Mother Too

As for base game weapons, the ones listed need a general damage boost to get them in line with rest of the weapons.

  • Atlas weapons (Pistols,Rocket Launchers) - Damage Boost

  • Dahl Pistols - Fire rate/ Damage boost

  • Torgue Assault Rifles - Full auto + damage Boost OR Great Damage boost + keep semi auto

  • Destructo spinner

  • Hanging chad

  • Echo

  • D.N.A

  • Multitap

  • Lyuda - This gun is over-nerfed

  • Trevonator

  • ASMD

  • Laser Sploder

  • Malaks Bane

  • Polybius

  • Rebel yell

  • Breeder

  • Night Hawkin

  • Redline

Base game Shields

  • Messy Breakup - Buff Drone Damage, make other elements more available.

  • Rectifier - Shock Damage

  • Stinger - With melee builds, you have to get up close and personal.How are we going to take advantage of this on a melee build if the shield has to be full?

  • Shooting Star

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  • Rough Rider - For not having any shield, the bonuses are somewhat lacking. This is an example of where there are too many legendaries, if you were to combine this with the stinger, then that would be something worth using.

  • Back Ham - Needs some kind of offensive capability to enemies behind the player on top of its damage reduction.

  • Asclepius - Needs more than just its single effect. (+50% elemental damage while depleted)

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This could probably have +100% bonus health and it would still see little use. I do love this shield and use it on my Facepuncher Amara, but it needs a boost.

Almost every Tediore legendary - and probably gun in general - needs a significant boost. The Ten Gallon is an awesome weapon… would be nice if it was effective.

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Supposedly Beacon is good in the hands of Clone/Drone Zane.

Is this for M10? Wouldn’t it be easier to compile a list of weapons that are useful for M10? Most just don’t cut it.

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With the realization that only 2% (for example) of the weapons available in the game are viable at MM10, is the question then:

  • Those 2% are normal, so buff the other 98% to match.
  • Those 2% must be an outlier, so nerf them, and get the game difficulty on track.
  • Those 2% are outliers, but this is fine: MM10 is working as intended as the hardest difficulty available.
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They seem to be “remaking” weapons instead of buffing them.
Scourge–>Plaguebearer (kind of…)
And so on

These are good points. Many people are playing the game at M10 so making more weapons available for M10 would open up more build styles and be good for the game. Of your three options I hope ‘A’ is the approach that they do.

I have found Beacon to be really good in M10 on all 4 Vault Hunters. FL4K not as good as a Lightshow, but on the other 3 it stands out as great to me.

My FL4K made good use of Brightside, but firing one shot then throwing it.
The only really effectice Tediore since Anarchy…

Just my .02c …

Can confirm that and would even go as far as to say it’s probably one of the best pistols in the game right now. Similar DPS to the Hellshock, but a bit more accurate and has a Nova on top, that, while not being extremely strong, is still worth multiple additional shots in damage. If you like close range combat, the Beacon is just all-around great.

The Roughrider is hard to balance as you either make it worse for Healthgate and take away a function that way or make the potentially buffed resistance too high for certain characters to die, especially Amara. I think that mildly increasing both bonuses would result in the most balanced yet strong result.
My suggestion (current stat -> after the buff)
Damage reduction: (23% -> 33%)
Max Health bonus:. (35% -> 50%)

This would result in roughly twice the survivability as without the shield. Currently it increases the survivability by 66%. The shield would be 50% better at what it wants to do.
But I would also add additional 100% melee damage to its special parts, just to let it be a better melee shield as well.

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