Weapons manufacturers

So, we already know some of the manufacturers coming back for BL3, and I would assume there’s still a few more to come, my question for all of you is what could the gimmicks for say, Bandit, S&S, Eridian, or heck, even Pangolin and Anshin be if they decide to Branch out to weapons? Also share your ideas for new manufacturers trying to pop up that you could possibly only find on certain world’s.

A Grenade that spawns guns with legs that shoot grenades.:exploding_head:

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I’d love to see the Eridian weapons come back, just make them a lot better than the BL1 versions.

Tbh i just hope everything isn’t gimmicks. I know this is a series that takes place on other planets and all that but i’m seeing a lot of supposed guns that look more like space ships. Playing Borderlands 1 again is very refreshing. It has guns that shoot and look like guns. I’m just not as excited as everyone else seems to be about these new weapons from what we’ve seen.


I would like to see an overall improvement to Bandit/Scav/CoV weapons. Big mag is not enough to make them special

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Oddly, I can get behind that. I wouldn’t mind seeing “Bandit” guns make a comeback even though it would seem COV weapons will be taking their place. I’d like to see some guns that just have a large clip and high damage or whatever. However, I will say that it SEEMS like you could use many brands of weapons as normal without triggering their extra function. Atlas being a prime example. Just don’t shoot the tag and you have a fairly standard gun I’d imagine.


I wouldn’t get your hopes too high. Borderlands 2 had 8 weapon manufacturers, and Borderlands 1 had 9, as well as the Eridian weapons which were their own weird little thing as they only made the alien guns. BL3 already has confirmed 9 manufacturers, so I wouldn’t bet on there being several more. I would hedge my bets at maybe 1 more to be announced, 2 at a stretch. Not to say I wouldn’t want a ton more ofcourse, and love to be proven wrong, but I just don’t think you should set yourself up for disappointment.

For me, I’m hoping for S&S. I think Gearbox knows how much the diehard fans would love for S&S to come back, and would deliberately hold off revealing their return. Not to mention, in Borderlands 2, Bandit replaced S&S because they also had the large magazine size gimmick. But in Borderlands 3, if Children of the Vault are replacing Bandit with the similar cobbled together aesthetic, their gimmick is entirely different since their guns don’t use ammo but rather cooldowns. So it seems like it would be a great time to bring back S&S since noone is using their gimmick anymore.

Can’t say I’m crying for Bandit. To me, Bandit were just S&S but massively inferior, it felt like they had the worst guns in BL2 of the 8 manufacturers. I’d rather have S&S back and CoV being the new Bandit. Eridian is a weird one since they only made 1 type of weapon that noone else made and didn’t make any other types of gun, making them more like a weird sub-category in BL1, and it didn’t help their guns wern’t great and seemed to have very limited randomisation. It’s also funny how their unlimited ammo schtick feels like it has been taken by CoV with their cooldown system as well. Can’t see Eridian ever coming back due to them all basically being dead, unless teh plot of BL3 involves the Eridian race coming back, maybe involving that alien from the cliffhanger of TPS?

Anshin and Pangolin I find fascinating from a lore point of view, because I’d love to know how they fit in with all the weapon companies. It seems to be implied that all the weapon companies have their own armies and each have their own monopoly of planets, but how do these 2 fit into that? Is Anshin like a neutral party who supplies medical supplies to everyone equally? All the weapon manufacturers make their own shields but Pangolin is the only company to do it exclusively, effectively making them like a body armor company. Does that mean they don’t have their own army since they don’t have weapons for them? Are they perhaps the only somewhat good company who wants to protect people rather than make things to kill others? (Although they do make grenades, so I guess not?)

Honestly I’d rather just leave Anshin and Pangolin as their own unique things and have BL3 or another game give us some lore about them, and if any other companies make weapons, Gearbox just invents another from scratch. Apparently Borderlands 1 actually scrapped a manufacturer before release called Corraza, speculation being they were just to be items only like Anshin and Pangolin. Be a nice touch to revive them from the dead perhaps?


Yeah i think you’re right about that. There is seemingly a lot of options and customization. I’m sure everyone can find a happy medium. And it allows for even more variations of play style. I will just always worry about the guns. Because that’s a big reason i love Borderlands lol

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Yes… I’d say S&S is def the best of the Bandit or whatever you’d want to call it series. Looks and function

I am actually surprised that COV is the only new manufacturer, and since it’s an offshoot of bandit/skav it’s not really new (though infinite ammo with random overheat is new).

I personally wanted to see Odomo come on board to make a full range of weapons. They make powerful explosives, the ones Brick’s crew used to disable the drawbridge to the Arid Badlands (Arid Nexus-Badlands, whatever) and I thought that intro might have meant they were going to go into gun making to compete with Jacobs on big power guns.
Maybe still, but not listed yet.

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COV looks pretty fun to me for that reason. Reminds me on Mass Effect 1 in a way. I’ll probably keep one around (if slots allow) just as a back up if I ever find myself running out of ammo in an emergency.

Ammo regeneration and overheating, though?

if you check out the official Borderlands 3 website it mentions new functionalities for every weapon brand including a targeting dart on all Atlas weapons to guide their “smart bullets”, attachments for vladoff weapons includ an under barrel, barrel, Dahl weapons having a toggle bust fire rather than being set to burst fire upon ADS, Hyperion guns now havee a “weapon-mounted shield”. you can check it at the botom of the about page for the game: Borderlands 3 Game Info

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I haven’t browsed the comments so if someone mentioned this sorry. I would like to see mashers come back for BL1. They were fun and one of my fav’s in it.

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What I’d like to see is not what manufacturer should come back, but what other gimmick would be fun to have. Gearbox can just add entirely new manufacturers, I don’t see why it have to be old.

Here’s a thought on Bandit weapons. In B2 you got the idea that they were built from scrap parts of other weapons and invariably given a large magazine. So why not take that concept one further to giving them properties of the other manufacturers weapons they are built from. Not, necessarily at full strength. In fact, the damaged aspects of the weapons is what could give them character and uniqueness. Say you get half a shield that glitches out periodically with tracking bullets that sometimes fly back at you. Just a thought.


my understanding is that Cov is the new bandit weapons

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@EPICVJ Bandit, Scav, now Cov. And since it’s tied to plot of game, it likely won’t reappear in future borderlands games. Unless… Anyway this trend of the “third wheel manufacturer” making appearance recent borderlands games is interesting. Or rather, if you consider Eridian weapons from BL1 same then it’d have turned around a full circle, considering Cov weapons will be using Eridian ammo regen mechanics as gimmick.

It sounds like they won’t really have ammo atall, instead maybe of an ammo counter it has like a thermostat. Which is interesting, since Bandit replaced S&S because they took S&S’s trademark gimmick of having large ammo magazines, but now they no longer have that. Makes me hope S&S could come back to retake their gimmick again.

If you ask me, Bandit was a crappy choice to replace S&S. It nerfed everything S&S stood for and turned it into a pile of garbage with like 5 good red text only weapons and a couple of tolerable shottys. S&S could have recoil reduction parts, increased damage, any of the elements with decent proc, really any a number of qualities. They’re kinda better than Atlas when purple, they get all the machine gun prefixes without any of the drawbacks (Atlas is less fire rate, Torgue is less accuracy and fire rate, etc.) that other branded machine guns have.

Bandit? They’re mostly tolerable and never more. Bad reload speeds, poor DoT, negligibly worse damage than just using a Jakobs or Hyperion. Sledge’s Shotgun is a great example. It could have been so much better but apparently magazine size is really OP or some crap to Gearbox. It’s not. You could definitely add more and not screw up the brand. At all. Why the hell Jakobs has Type B crit damage inherently and no other weapon has a bonus like this really confuses me. You could pump up base damage by like 15% and you’d have completely negated this.