Weapons Questions/Thoughts

I find myself mainly playing with…

at Mayhem 10/11
Plasma Coil

Between those two, everything goes down.
For variety I sometimes use a

Light Show
Trick Shot

My question really is, what else do you as a player like to use at Mayhem 10?
I think I’m just trying to generate farming goals… :sunglasses:

I love(d) my masher clairvoyance :innocent:

Pretty much my go to weapon on zane (hell, just my go to weapon period)

And now they even buffed it foe some reason :sweat_smile: stopped playing though because no matter what i used everything melts on M10/11

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Even with purple Raptor, Blue Melter or Green Stagecoach? Strangely, it was not my experience…

Legendary hahaha

Finding a nice purple weapon in the sea of orange is pretty hard :sweat_smile:

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Hey, then perhaps you could head over to the latest Hotfix thread and educate them how Malak Bane, Ripper etc. are much better than they think (even pre-buff). :slight_smile:

There is a small riot over there, regarding how bad these and other weapons are . :slight_smile: :wink:

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There are some real oddballs out there hahaha

I never understood the idea behind malaks bane :sweat_smile:

Ripper i see working on a Amara melee build

There will always be the oddballs hahaha

After 4 DLC’s, 2 takedowns, and some seasonal events there’s more then enough legendary weapons for pretty much any build i think :rofl:

But imho GBX should stop buffing 3 or 4 weapons at a time… They should grab the bull by the horns and take a good look at ALL legendary weapons, non legendary weapons and anointments.

All in all, everything could work… But most of it isn’t worth the effort.

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Clairvoyance, Hellwalker, Complex Root and Plaguebearer is my “i don’t want to work at anything” loadout

I like the Lucky 7 for funsies, especially now that it’s practically guaranteed a special effect on reload. you can build around maintaining a godroll but i like to use it without the cheese. it makes things more entertaining.


If I’m playing at MM10, I’ll just go to MM11 and ditch the modifiers, but same difference: better to ask what I don’t use there, but I’m down for a bit of a struggle to kill things as well (there are a few pieces that I don’t take to MM11, but I just take those down to MM7, MM4, or maybe even turn Mayhem Mode off entirely so I can still enjoy them). You looking for a novel loadout? Let me know what character you’re playing, what COM/playstyle you like, and I’ll think of something.

The Malak Bane absolutely sucked and still does post-patch. Still an awful weapon.

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Sarcasm does not travel well on the internets, so here is a translation:

Person A: “Even post buff these weapons suck!”

Person B: “I comfortably clean up M10/11 with everything”

Me: “Perhaps you two guys should talk…” :slight_smile:

GBX is just increasing DPS for some reason…

MB sounds like a great weapon in theory…

On 1 side, this is how legendary weapons should be… But on the other, almost every other legendary weapon is just an OP purple with added gimmick wich does additional damage.

I’ve been mainly using the Trevonator w/Double Barrel, Crader’s for running around, Face Puncher, and the Laser-Sploder.

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As a Person B, I’m done with that conversation though… a great many people just don’t play the game like that. I do feel bad for new players that come aboard and ask, “what’s up with this cool legendary I found” and they just get piss and vinegar about it instead of “here’s how to get the most out of it if you like it”.

I actually went out with the new Malak’s Bane at MM11 after this post with a non-meta Zane build, though I threw everything else I had into it. Enemies died, sometimes in one shot, sometimes in several. It won’t get me through a Takedown, but it’ll clear out a Skag den or Rakk nest with some elbow grease. Players that want to use it, will figure out how. Players that don’t won’t.

I literally just finished watching this episode of Arrested Development, and this seems like it would be a pretty funny routine for rating weapons in a Youtube channel. If you’re going to dismiss a gun off the cuff, at least make it funny. :laughing: