Weapons Scaling?

I’m a bit confused on weapons scaling. I’m level 55 and I’ve completed my 2nd play through of the main story so I should be on PT 2.5. Currently playing the Claptrap DLC .

Here’s my question(s)
I have a level 50 smg but when equipped it scales down to level 43? My level 55 hive when equipped scales down to level 54?
I equip a level 54 smg and it scales down to 47?

I don’t quite understand this, can anyone explain?


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I think it has to do with the weapon proficiency system in BL1. As in (I’m paraphrasing sketchy information here, but maybe it’ll jog someone else’s memory for the actual effect) it was going to be a way to let characters use overleveled weapons, but was scrapped. The effect of showing a lower weapon level when equipped was left in place, but the weapon is still otherwise at the unequipped level.


This is correct. @Kamehameha69 - don’t worry about it! Just remember that you’ll want to compare weapons when they are unequipped in your inventory, not in one of your weapons slots. (There are also some odd things with level display when in the vending machines IIRC)

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I was just wondering about this, as well!

Thank you very much @Kamehameha69 !

Appreciate the info, good to know. The weapons stats stay the same I just noticed the difference in item levels. Thx everyone

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