Weapons that can't be anointed, Why?

First, let me say, I’m having a blast after the patch yesterday. Good move forward.

I spent 15K eridium in the Gun Gun shooting legendaries, that was fun, I did a bit of Vendor Machine Farming, those seem like a good time.

I don’t want what I’m about to ask to sound like a complaint. It’s not. It’s a question, and a request. What is the reason that some weapons / shields / grenades are unable to roll an anoint, even on Mayhem 10, and… could we please see that in the future?

I know, some will point out the Seventh Sense from LG&T as being a weapon that would be broken with an anoint. I’m not sure that I still hold that opinion, and it leaves me wondering:

If 1 weapon ending up being purely god level is what is keeping other guns from getting a buff, wouldn’t that point to the need to fix the 1 gun?

It’s the same disappointment I had with the recursion nerf in the patch. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why it needed to be done. But, that it was done in a way that made other guns (that weren’t god tier) worse, feels like the wrong way to go about it.

If you want the TL;DR:

I’d love the chance to have an Anointed Hangin’ Chadd. Yeah, I know. Stupid. It’s a blue COV gun. But, I love that Stupid Blue Gun so much I’m working on a Boss Clear Video using it, and I would love the idea of having an anointed one.

It comes down to the way GBX builds weapons and gear within game using the parts system. There are main slots (which vary depending on the item type) such as: barrel, grip, stock, etc. And then there are accessory slots. Some of those are for things that contribute to item prefix (binary for X2 projectiles per shot, stabilisers, scopes, fire rate and damage, …) and some are for special effects such as elemental damage.

The explanation I’ve heard for the fixed part unique items is that the slot the anointment would go in is already in use, so there’s no chance for the item to be anointed. I don’t know if this is in fact true, or if it’s simply that fixed part items never get to roll anointments in the first place. Only one of the actual developers could answer that question, but I’m a bit dubious we’ll ever get an “Inside the Box” article on how the BL3 gear system works.

As far as I am aware and from what I have heard from some codemonkeys, the Mayhem levels that gear can spawn with are anointments in and of themselves. So technically all anointed Mayhem gear has two anointments. There shouldn’t be any issue of an existing part taking up the space for the anointment. Odds are the devs didn’t figure the uniques warranted anointments, and that adding them now is a low priority.

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Agreed its low priority, but it would be nice if everything could be anointed. Really not sure why the decision was made not to add that in, though to your point, who knows what the code looks like.

I would love an anointed Hangin Chadd.

Hanging Chadd is a fun weapon from a fun mission.

What we really need is another gun called Taste the Danger. It speaks and continually eggs you to do stupid stuff.


fyi I submitted a question to Gb support when last dlc was released and it was finally reported as a bug

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Yeah why gbox, why? I just want some anoint on my buttplug.


All gear can be anointed save editor easily proves it.

That sounds pretty wonky…

But the again a lot of things are wonky in this game…

People that want to mod the the game been doing it already. They makes the game worthless real fast IMO. I like the feeling of getting a great drop. Not MAKING one.

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Yea, one should definitely put an ointment on their buttplug. Oh right, anointment. The whole weapon system feels clunky and cobbled together, like they were building the plane while it’s in the air-style of coding. Because there’s really no reason that they should have painted themselves into a corner with overlaid slots that block other affixes and abilities.

I can only hope that in BL4 they do it right, starting from the ground up with proper planning.

The question I’ve had for ever is why even have “unique” items? Just make all red-text items legendaries. It’s rather annoying having to track down that quest item, because it might be useful, in a sea of purples and blues. Or accidentally selling it because the inventory system leave much to be desired.


The biggest weapon criticism I will give this game (OK, second biggest after useless anointments) is the fact that none of the unique quest rewards are anything special. Heck, in BL2 some of the best weapons in the game were the quest rewards- Pimpernel, Sand Hawk, Heartbreaker, Fibber, etc. These weapons were game changers, even more than legendarys or pearlescents. If the BL3 uniques matched these, it would help improve things drastically…

That is irrelevant to what i said

To me it wasn’t irrelevant. You can make all kinds of weapon combinations that don’t exist through modding. You added nothing to the discussion.

The point was if a hack can add an anoint on let s say a Buttplug that means there should be a technical legit way for GB devs to do it. There is absolutely no balance reason for a Buttplug not to benefit anoint system and the technical block excuse is flimsy

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Anoints are way to overturned :sweat_smile:
And Weapon scaling is useless

GBX shot themselves in the foot, then shot the other foot to balance that out :sweat_smile:

Scrap weapon balance, make anointments actually rare (scrap 90% of them and seriously tone them down) and so on…

Voila… End game fixed, weapon balance is easier to pull off, quest items become useful again…

But hey, what do I know… GBX made the best game they could (not sure if I’m actually being sarcastic with that remark) :neutral_face:

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I don’t think the anoint system in itself is bad, it’s a big novelty and it’s enjoyable when it works properly. Then of course there are implementation problems but scrapping everything would be a big failure, I’d rather they take time to fix it (hopefully before last dlc)

Yes, anointments are great, but they shouldn’t be more important than gun itself. TPS did that very well, and it should be the same in BL3.

I don’t know why some gear can’t be anointed, like the Link. There is nothing in game that prevents it, so it’s only up to dev to change it.

I do agree they aren’t “bad” just a good idea badly executed :wink:

They make difficulty scaling pretty useless (or you need to play without anointments in order to increase difficulty)

It’s like they tried to do what Diablo 3 did but went waaaay overboard :sweat_smile: