Weapons that need Buffs/Nerfs

-Malaks Bane - Damage

-Polybius - Damage

-Buff tediore?

-Rebel yell - Damage/ Elemental damage

-Breeder - Damage

-Torgue assault rifles - ROF/Full auto

-Night Hawkin - Damage

-Redline - Damage/ Mag size

-Satisfaction RL-Buff

-ASMD - Massive damage boost to exploding ball.

I removed the sickle from the nerf list because I think the points against it are valid.

Gearbox what you need to do is find a consistent dps for each of the color rarities then form a balance pool based off of its color. That way the weapons are going to feel progressive and consistent across the board. Of course DPS can be consolidated to feel unique across different weapon types.

When it comes to something like the breeder, you have to take the amount of projectiles that it shoots out and average them to the amount of dps that the gun has.

Rocket launchers have high damage/Low ROF.
Asssault rifles are well rounded containing a balance of each of the attributes.
Smg’s have high firerate/higher damage/lower accuracy.
Shotguns have high damage/lowest accuracy (spread shot).
Charge weapons are in a d place from maliwan except for the some of the multishot charge snipers other than KKTOA.

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ill check that boomsicke as soon as i finish the DLC O:

Extreme Hanging Chad- Buff

this is still way too low

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Please do not nerf the Sickle!

It has to be used close up and is not accurate at all. The recoil keeps it from being a real threat. Just leave it. Enough Nerfs already!


Why Bro?! Don’t nerf it man!

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I mean I guess. Its just that there is absolutely no weapon balance in this game. Or in fact balance to begin with, I find that i cant even trust myself to make a good build anymore (That I want) because I just don’t know what works. And I dont want to follow some guys youtube build I want my own build. But hey, its my fault for playing the game in the first place.


I found a legendary Torgue rocket launcher in the DLC called the Satisfyer or Satisfactor or something like that. I’m not sure if there’s some kind of quirk to it that I just don’t get, but it barely seems to be doing any damage on M8 so it probably needs a buff.


Right. I just don’t think nerfing any weapon is the answer.

One of many.

Thanks to you guys

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Here we go again. The new DLC is less than 24 hrs old and the Nerf topics are rolling in. Ok GBX… let’s focus on the working folks that don’t have 24/7 to play. In other words… leave things alone for a bit!!!


Yea I got it and the atlas rocket launcher thats legendary in the DLC and as usual it appeared to be doing about jack crap. The atlas one even had 100 sntl cryo for my Zane boy and it was like shooting peas despite it’s damage numbers being out of this world high. No clue how GBX does damage sometimes tbh, because a lot of these guns don’t seem to make sense to my normie brain :confused:

Any other sickle besides the boom sickle needs a buff. The boom sickle is an outlier from that entire line of weapons. The regular ones are crap. Ever see anybody looking for a “Dobby Sickle” in the trading forums?
I personally do not know how powerful a boom sickle is as since day 1 I have yet to see one drop.
I would say buff Sickle…


I don’t know why the Carrier would need a buff. This weapon deletes everything, even on M10. You cannot tune up the base damage on it too much because of ASE multiple projectiles. Otherwise it would be too strong.

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The boom sickle is a gun that miraculously works in just the right balance.
When the M10 weapon was implemented, it was one of the few weapons that could compete with the old weapon.
It’s great that it’s settled on the same or slightly weaker than the DLC3 weapons.
And you want me to nerf it? Are you crazy?

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i really want to try one right now but the drop rates of the warden are just so bad, i want GBX to fix them first

Ita rediculous that 1 variant has 4k+ more damage. Thats just stupid

Normal sickle is garbage


Since this thread is discussing weapons, I think discussing other forum users is pointless.

So please stop that.

All the CoV rifles need a buff- mostly to damage. They are a stupidly fun weapon type, but all of the legendaries are the same. They are ALL firelocked, and 3 out of the 4 self burn for various buffs, but besides the Sauros Burn giving auto crits, i could not tell you what those buffs are.

Echo, seems so fun to use yet does negligible damage at best.

D.N.A. and Multi Tap, for M6+ weapons these 2 are WAY behind the others.

Lyuda, get rid of the 2 ammo per shot and it would almost be worth it.

Lucian’s call and Rowan’s Call, Lucian’s needs a little more help than the Rowan’s but it would be cool to use these again.

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