Weapons that really need a buff

Hi these are some of the most underwhelming legendaries in the game, that most of them have really cool effects but sadly can not be used on m10/11 because they’re really weak. I hope devs will fix them in the next hotfix.


  • Westergun - it used to be a really good splash smg esp. for moze but it got lost after kybs worth… And now no ones seems to remember it anymore. Just tested one today and it was just tickling enemies.

  • Crossroads - my favorite gun in the early days of the game that got nerfed really hard. Flakker had it’s nerf reversed so pls reverse the nerf on this great gun as well. It probably needs a little buff as well for performing well on m10

  • Hive - returning from bl2 it used to be a really cool and powerful launcher in early days of the game, but it fell of hard after m4 and after m10 it was just not even worth farming.

  • Occultist - most of early players got this as their first legendary and it felt like a dpuh at first. It was doing decent dmg up until m3 but like most of the others in this list it fell off hard.

  • Phebert - pls do a hellwalker buff lol. But seriously it used to be a really cool sniper shotgun… But sadly it’s just garbage now.

  • Sledge’s shotgun - returning from bl1 and bl2. It was great in bl1, not really impressive in bl2 but now it’s just sad

  • Carrier - it used to be a really great gun, one of my favorites infact but it got utterly destroyed with the multiple projectile bug fix. Either make it an x3 or give it a chunky dmg buff. X3 would be cooler tho, seeing so many bullets flying is something else

  • Scorpio - it used to be bugged for a long time and did not drop from it’s source, judge hightower, and when it finally did drop it was just garbage. It really makes me sad that Roland’s legacy is such a weak gun. Speaking of VH legacy guns…

  • Embrace the pain and pain is power - these are Krieg inspired guns but they are sooo weak. Please give my man Krieg some love and buff his vanilla stuff.

  • Multi tap - this is a really cool Atlas pistol that should be on par with sandhawk, both being m6+ exclusive, but it does really lack luster dmg and it’s really sad because it’s effects are very cool

  • Emp5 - needs a dmg buff imo

DLC 1:

  • Cheap tips - cool effect but lack luster dmg really limits the use of this potentially great gun

  • Slowhand - it’s too weak for m10

DLC 2:

  • MUTANT - I was so hyped for this gun before the launch of dlc 2. It was showcased in borderlands show and it looked really cool but when I got my hands on it, it was really disappointing. Pls fix this amazing lookin gun.

  • SF force - yet another very cool gun that probably no one here has even heard it’s name because it is so weak that not even worth farming for at this point. It needs a biiig buff

  • Little yeeti - needs a bit more knockback and dmg to be on par with Maggie and trickshot. Imo it should have a much more dmg than Maggie because of significantly less mag size and slower reload.

  • Frozen devil - has a really cool effect but doesn’t preform all that well on m10. Works much better on m3 and bellow tho

  • Love drill - being a skill based weapon (needs you to hit crits almost consistently) you’d expect it to do a lot more dmg than it does now.

DLC 4:

  • Blindsage: it’s just bad but if you want to ignore anything on this list ignore this gun

There are definitely more stuff that don’t preform well but these had a great legendary effect in my opinion and if not for there low dmg, they would all be meta tier for special kind of builds.

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Basically all purple rarity weapons. TBH the quickest solution would be to just blanket buff all purple weapons by 100%. Its crude, but it will immediately make the good purples competitive with mid-tier legendaries. And make the current weapon balance make more sense.

Then make them (and all legendaries) much rarer in non-Mayhem because basically all the buffed Legendaries are far too overtuned for levelling right now.


I agree, lower rarity weapons are really underwhelming in high mayhem levels. Back in bl2 I would always check out blue and purple gear, for great stuff like ravagers and quads but now I never even look at purples. There was a time that x25 stagecoach was sought after but now it’s just meh compared to the all magestic hellwalker


GB should buff purples first before going ahead to buff any more Legendaries. Right now GB is just haphazardly buffing Legendary weapons, with not much consistency in their method. Why does the Companion get an almost 200% buff but the Flood less than 100%? And why do the Duc and Amazing Grace do so much less despite their greater limitations? Why buff the Hornet by 200% and the Nemesis by less?

Purples need to be the baseline for weapon balance. A weapon like the Flipper should do less than a purple Maliwan SMG - but much more once its special effect comes into play. A Kaos should do as much as an equivalent Dahl AR - and the Damned, Warlord and others whih do way less than the Kaos should also be balanced around their purple variants. Too have Legendary balance, GB must establish a proper baseline (based on purple equivalents) which they have failed to do so up till now.


Kill o the Wisp buff please.

hyperion shotgun buff please.

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Legendaries are all pretty overtuned and unbalanced. And having anointments double/tripling the damage makes it even worse.

I remember using a blue weapon in (old) M4 back then… And I did fine… Then came M2.0 and all the powercreep they could possibly push into the game…

M10/11 is pretty much a joke in terms of difficulty scaling (mayhem on its own is a joke in difficulty scaling actually)

Maybe they allready gave up on balancing this game… This game gave me serious Diablo 3 déjà vu :expressionless:

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IMO everything Tediore that’s not Dark Army or Anarchy needs a MASSIVE buff. Strangely most Tediore base weapons are just fine. Maybe buff shotguns in general but that’s about it.

All Atlas guns need a buff except Multi-Tap, OPQ, and Rez. This includes base guns, Q system is the only one that’s not completely awful.

Hyperion base guns need a buff. Most are underwhelming. Legendaries are mostly fine.

Snipers in general need a buff. Including most legendaries. I think only Boogeyman, Sandhawk and Complex Root are the only good ones.

Heavy base guns in general need a buff. Most feel like crap, or consume WAY too much ammo for the damage they deal. Most legendaries are good, but some are not. Stuff like Creamer and Quadimizer should be a lot better than they are.

1 - Lucian’s call
2 - Kings/Queens Call
3 - The garcia

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I’d add The Linoge, Heartbreaker, Tri-bolt, and Nothingness

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Nemesis got buffed by a decent value before while Hornet didn’t get any prior buffs. Now the seem to be almost on par, besides hornet doing splash dmg therefore better scaling.

And about the flood, I just picked up a urad flood today and it was awesome on flak. It doesn’t need any more buffs imo

Lots of really decent points here. Strangely Atlas weapons perform quite well on Arms Race but then really suffer in the rest of the game. Shame, because their manufacturer gimmick is pretty unique (and one of their only good legendary weapons doesn’t use it). The Linc needs to be able to come with anointments.

I’m not sure I entirely agree with Snipers as a lot of them have been buffed and are rather good now. The Skullmasher, especially, is excellent but then you also have the Monocle, Krakatoa, Headsplosion, Storm, Firestorm, ASMD (not my favourite in terms of mechanics but the power is there), Unseen Threat. Most of the Maliwan and Jakobs snipers basically seem to be good now, but it’s quite a different story for the Dahl, Vladof and Hyperion ones. Take, for example, the Autoaime, Malak’s Bane, Tankman’s Shield, Narp, Woodblocker, Masterwork Crossbow, Septimator Prime (might be good if the extra projectiles could be counted on). Would you ever use any of those? They could categorically buff all Dahl, Hyperion and Vladof snipers (then bring the few performing ones [literally only the Boogeyman, Lyuda and Sand Hawk] back to where they currently are) and the whole game would be better for it.

If they did any other categorical buffs to a manufacturer/weapon type, I would suggest (on top of those you’ve mentioned): base COV weapons, base Dahl SMGs (including the Boomer but not the Kaoson), base Torgue weapons (thinking of one’s like the Devastator, Echo, Breeder).

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