Weapons That You Love (Even if they aren't considered great)

Playing a new Gaige has made me use shotguns (I feel like she should use shotguns, I may be wrong), and as such i’ve used some of the shotguns I never really bothered with before. So I thought of this thread :slight_smile:
I’ll go first, the Triquetra.


All of them… there isn’t a single (Unique or E-Tech) weapon in the game that I don’t enjoy using. Without turning this into a giant list of all the weapons that people generally hate, I will say that the Commerce is really only bringing a cool skin to the table (besides being an otherwise lackluster Hyperion SMG, unless I’m missing something). It is my go-to, non-E-Tech shock Hyperion SMG though.

[quote=“Vinterbris, post:1, topic:1560308”]I may be wrong[/quote]She definitely should not use shotguns, especially with high Anarchy counts where close-range combat would allow her to keep all that shot on target despite the inaccuracy. :wink:


I don’t have anarchy yet, but this sounds very useful :smiley:

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Also love the Triquetra - any Doc’s shotty really.

The Crit and Diaubs are two low-radar-fliers that I love.

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Crit? Is that the one that you randomly drop?

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Yep. It’s not an issue for me - I’ve gotten used to it and play around it. But the high damage, extremely high crit bonus, healing, shock make it outstanding.

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Honestly never used it, i’ll definitely give it a try :slight_smile:

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Just don’t use it near cliffs…I lost one once and only once.


Fremington’s Edge - I love the high zoom on that thing.


A good parts Umbrage, (Maliwan grip Vladof sight) corrosive or fire.
Shocks best taken care of with the Little Evie, imo.

Not the best pistol in the game no, but i get a lot of fun out of it! :relaxed:

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Unforgiven, to the point it was the reason I made a Jakobs allegiance Mechromancer. And on Op0 it trivialises things.

Emperor may count, I suppose. I do get some good result with it on OP8 though.

Good part Sniders (all on personal preference) can be devastating across NVHM - TVHM, and not just in the hands of Maya or Zero!

The RokSalt, Dog, Veritas and elemental Gwen’s Heads for me- all underrated IMO…


Yes and yes to all of those

I’m banking on those for Dahlvador!


With this one I can agree.

For me is Contraband sky rocket, its amazing when you learn the release pattern.


+1 on Emperor and Gwen’s Head. :slight_smile: And the Scorpio. I like accurate burst fire guns, apparently.

I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of a Two Fer Longarm recently (with Jack, but AFAIK Jakobs guns are identical between BL2 and TPS). Normally I avoid the double prefix on pistols not named “Harold”, but on the Longarm it doesn’t hurt accuracy enough to matter, and still lands both bullets together at the midrange distances I used it at.

And I guess the Godfinger isn’t considered great, but I love that thing! So fun! :smiley:

If I had to pick one, I’d pick the Longbow, like I always do in these kinds of threads.

It’s somewhat the epitome of why I love Gearbox games.

One of the most disliked, underused, underrated, and unmentioned guns in the game, the Chere-amie is a personal favourite. I also really like the Teeth of Terramorphous, though it’s practical applications are limited.