Weapons with debuff effects

I’ve been working on a build that would act as a healer/support class in multiplayer, and having a debuff-focused loadout would really fit the theme. But there aren’t a whole lot of weapons with this effect, so far I can only think of 3–Zheitsev’s Eruption, S3RV-8OS-EXECUTE, and It’s Piss. Am I missing any?

Also looking for weapons/grenades good for applying cryo, I know there are a lot of options, so I’m looking to shorten the list of possibilities here.

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The highest efficiency is still a cryo hex genade (1100%). Others hardly reach 250
but other debuffs can include iron bear equipped with target softening, or simply fl4k with 100% after rakk annointment

  • edit ; fl4ks doesnt work now, has it been reworded? Either way thats not useful here; but pet taking aggro with redfang and burst healing through augment should help more than moze debuffing
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Fl4k also has team passive healing.

Correct, but without added points to all my bffs; (@ 3/3) that passive heal is barely 4.5 % at max ( This is including barbaric yawp @ 10/5 +
% healing based annointments dont transfer through) @ 6/3 we can get about 7% - gamma healing augment can do better but that wont have the 100% debuffing

That only applies to the damage of the gun that anointment is on. FL4K currently has no debuffing abilities.

Ive had teammates notice a difference with their own weapons; maybe not a full 100% but a difference none the less, the anointment states “100% more damage from all sources”
K edit; i swore it had said this at 1 time; now it is stating “take 100% increased damage” so it falls inline with only fl4ks damage,
This leaves moze with ib - off to test this part now :sleepy: - target softening rose that particular mules damage from 8900up to 10k

As much as I wish it did, it’s been tested. It doesn’t act as a debuff for everyone, just Fl4k for that gun.

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Has it been reworded? I swore it had what i wrote before; but yes after a splitscreen test it shows no difference - edited to previous posts