Weapons with Health Steal?

Ok, so i just read thst rhe Vibra pulse steals health, and last night someone mentioned that the Hail steals health as well?

It certainly does not mention this effect on the item cards for either weapon.

Is this true for those guns?

And is there any other weapons this happens with?

Only Moxxi weapons.

So Hail has no life steal?

It does. It’s a Moxxi weapon from BL2.

Probe…but it is a mission gun only…youd have to leave that mission undone forever
Vibra Pulse
Moxxi Kiss of Death Grenades
Moxxies Slammer Shield (Booster Shield)

These are the only Moxxis I know of

I’m not counting this because it’s a Tranfusion.

And shields haven’t healed you since BL1 Tediore shields.

Yes…I was just rattling off all the Moxxi stuff I knew of in this game.

Rerouter Heals

Actually, I’m wrong. The Neo and the Evo regen health. Oops…

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Reogenator generates

Rerouter Heals

I have not heard of this shield. Is from the Clappy Voyage? 'Cause I’m not up to date on the new stuff.

Yup…Legendary Amp shield that heals you

High Amp damage…about 3-4 times a Purple…and Amp Drain is fairly low.

Big delay hurts it…but the shot heals you.

Many of us have been whining about how useless amp shields are in the game…Gearbox listened.

Another reason why I think this game has evolved and gotten BETTER and BETTER!

Such a shame it got such an early bad rap…It’s a very good game now.


Is this your first rodeo? All Moxxi guns have life steal.



I somehow never knew that before just now.


All the BL2 threads that you’ve either started or responded to and you never knew that?

I’m baffled.

Me too!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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The more you know.


Lol I wanted to post that but was struggling to on my mobile.

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This site has been strangely well behaved for my phone recently!

The only recurring issue is that autocorrect doesnt work when i am entering text.

Wait, REALLY?!?!?!?!?!

Dude! That was THE only way that my Moxxi-sponsored siren didn’t get her face melted off by trash mobs at OP8. Never mind, that a rough rider, fire Kitten, and some malicious intent, are all it takes to rip straight through Sawtooth Cauldron and the 4-6 LLMs that regularly spawn there on a casual pass.

TPS needs more Moxxi gear. Well, I WANT more, anyhow. A good life steal is the best offense AND defense, and no one does it better than Moxxi…

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