Weapons with passive bonuses?

I have been theorycrafting a build and so far one thing I don’t think I’ve seen much of, is weapons with any sort of passive bonus (max health increase, AS cooldown, movement speed, spike damage etc) but real and true passive play -just holding it, not reloading or ADS or anything. the only ones I can come up with is the OPQ system and dark army that spawns drones to float around.
are there any I’m missing or not thinking of?

additionally, can weapon effects get reflected from a shield to “activate” their effects? for example - the Cloud Kill gun, even if I didn’t fire it, if an enemy shot me and that bullet reflected off me, would it somehow proc the poison cloud? doubtful, but that worked in BL2 so worth asking lol

also, do the moxxi lifesteal weapons also heal for pet/grenade/melee/nova damage like they did in BL2?

thanks in advance

Ten Gallon spawns a drone, but you have to reload it by reloading yourself.

Crader’s EM-P5 - +Speed
Unforgiven - +Crit Damage
Guardian 4N637 - +Distance damage
Psycho Stabber - +Melee damage

Those are the only ones I can think of.

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This I can confirm doesn’t work like it did 8n BL2 unfortunately. Life Steal on Moxxi weapons only counts for damage dealt directly by the weapon.

Also, while there may not be many weapons that have these kinds of passive buffs, there are many shields that do.

Health - Rough Rider (+35%), Initiative (+50%), Plus Ultra (+100%), Mendel’s Multivitamin (+50%), Band of Sitorak (+25%)

AS cooldown - Plus Ultra (25% chance to absorb bullets as ammo and decrease AS cooldown by 30%), Loop of 4N631 (+51% AS cooldown when depleted), All-In (25% chance to drop a booster that decrease AS cooldown by 50%)

Movement speed - Super Soldier (+25%)

Spike damage - Impaler, Stinger

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I want to create the ultimate Fight or Flight build for Fl4k (the pet fights, he flights), so I’m trying to theorycraft the best items to use. right now plus ultra seems to take the cake as it fully doubles the health while giving AS cooldown and bullet absorb, which would be great for both them and pet

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Consider the Double Downer. It increases FFYL time by 100%.

EDIT: I’m sorry, I misread your post. I thought you mentioned FFYL.

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What about the Messy Breakup? I’m a little surprised not to see it mentioned or perhaps I missed it.

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I tried this morning but forums rejected my opinion haha

Assuming @Moosicus has the Trapper tree I believe that the Messy Breakup is what they are after.