Weapons without Anointments?

Just wanted to ask if we know of any weapons, or legendary weapons that cannot drop with anointments.

For example, right now I’m trying to farm up a Linc. I’ve had easily over 20 of them drop without an anointment. I’m guessing I’m just having bad luck, but these things do not drop frequently, so I wanted to ask, before wasting any more time… are there weapons that do not get anointed?

Don’t know but this may interest you…

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According to Loot lemon it can’t be anointed :confused:


facepalm. BL3 claims more hours of my life.

Ok… thanks for the info… I appreciate it.

edit If anyone else knows any weapons that drop without anointments, maybe list them here to save other people some time… dunno.


It’d be nice if the weapon listed it somewhere. “Unanointable” as a stat. Maybe not on the item card, but in the parts list or something. Just so that we’d be able to see it and save some time.


Weapons without anointments. Seen on discord


What about the robo-melter masher?

Damn. Luckily, I don’t even need the anointments on half my stuff and don’t know most of those guns. The Ice Queen one hurts though.