Weapons workshop!

there should be a weapons workshop so that people can change their Scopes and their attachments that they don’t want on their weapons not only that they should be able to collect parts for their weapons when they scrap there weapons that they don’t want. Because most gamers such as myself want to have specific scopes 4 different weapons which would make it less stressful so that we don’t have to farm them for a specific scope or attachment.

Ya, there are A LOT of things like this that would make Borderlands games more fun for most players, however, the hardcore grinders will say that grinding for that perfect rolled weapon is just part of the game or more so is the game… I don’t agree with that, but still. Would be cool to see something like this, tho… I, for one, hate to use any scope over 2.2 zoom… especially on DAHL Assault Rifles.