Weapons you want to see brought back

The Vitrolic Crux / Plague Maliwan Shotgun from Borderlands

Bring back S&S in general since we’re vissiting different worlds, gotta be a stockpile of them somewhere. The Orion could gice thr Lyuda a run for its money, theres the explosive Crux, and the Serpens AR. Could be part of some event / area with bosses and rare spawns that have increased chance to drop them, where you loot / raid some old S&S cache. (Or even do it fr Rhys so he can incorporate them into rebuilding Atlas after S&S seems to have gone under)

Oh, and maybe a Double Anarchy as a legend. Make it non-elemental obvious w/ really high bullet damage to set it apart from the Crossroads. (Most non-elemental SMGs arent even worth using over the Elemental optoons, they just dont do enough increased damage)

Oh, and the Elephant Gun, just because.

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My all time favourite ever Gun in Borderlands.

I honestly don’t understand why S&S lived and died only with the first game.

The potential to make more lore with an additional manufacturer instead of crap, throw-away weapons in BL2 (Bandit) and now in BL3 (COV) again?

Apparently the bandits n stuff put them out of business somehow? It says it in the wiki but someone probably just added it in to explain their dissapearance (unless theres some lore/echo log that says otherwise) They didnt make a lot of weapns to begin with, anyway. Maybe they tried to start on. If they dont want to make another weapons manufacturer they can just have Atlas incorporate some of their weapons since they’ve barely got any legendaries as it is. It’d be a nice event w/ a few missions or something taking place on Pandora or whtv, raiding some old S&S weapons depot that the CoV / remnants of the Maliwan army are trying to get also. Nothing major like a full on DLC, could take place in previous areas. S&S cargo dropshits falling out of orbit and you’ve gotta go secure 'em or something to help Rhys rebuild Atlas. Or just a few places to get S&S weapons from certain enemies (they dont need any fancy gimmicks as another weapons manufacturer, just high dmg and large mag size)

Or a Marcus mission where he’s got some stockpiled in a Warehuse somewhere.

sighs heavily

Oh, but the few that they did make…

Each weapon manufacturer made one legendary for every weapon type in the first Borderlands.