Web slinger ,what do you think?

Is this any good?*Come in cryo?

Not really. It still needs a bit more of a buff. Also it has a weird bullet travel pattern which makes it awkward to use. Also it does splash so it can kill you pretty easily.

Doesn’t really have alot going for it lol

It does come in all elements (except non-elemental). Pretty mediocre though. Not the worst Vladof AR out there but not anywhere near the best, either. Which is kind of a shame considering it’s a GTD exclusive.
It’s not horrible but there’s just better options.

Personally, I feel Gearbox could swap a couple of items from Arms race to GTD.

Smog and Globetrottr are great guns, but Plasma Coil and Kickcharger are a lot better. I feel like instead of simply buffing the guns over and over they could just swap those two. Feels like a much simpler solution.

Web Slinger could also be switched out for something on the base game and given to Tarantella (or whatever the name for the spider Hammerlock Hunt is)


Doesn’t come in Cryo but the other 4 all do cryo damage in addition to the base element. The alt-fire mode feels really strong. It’s a weird but cool gun, worth checking out imo

On the hunt for them thanks all.

Its just there to skip gtd areas lol. I dunno why they buffed it. Maybe it should consume less ammo.