Webm Cutscene codec seriously bugged

Whatever webm codec they are using to display the cutscenes is either seriously bugged or just doesn’t want to work well with the rest of the code. I have tried on two different computers and the cutscenes stutter, jerk and sometimes completely stop while the voice overs continue.

I know this is a problem with the codec or the integration of the codec with the game as I can play all of the cutscenes FLAWLESSLY on both computers in Firefox. Heck I can even have a bunch of them playing full screen at the same time and no stuttering. They play as smooth as butter.

I hope they get this fixed in the next patch because it’s annoying as hell.

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You make a good point. Playing the animatics externally they play just fine, no jittering or stuttering. Smooth as butter. :X

Strange, the cutscenes play back as they should be for me, maybe you are missing a codec pack that allows WebM to play back in the proper way.

It’s a royalty free form of video playback and probably why they chose it instead of staying with Bink. They would have had to pay Bink royalties if they had kept it. It’s something that Gearbox would have to include with the game. So whatever version or form they are using is the problem. It’s built into the HTML5 Video used on most browsers that support HTML5. That’s why a browser like Firefox can play it and it does play nice and smooth.

Makes me wonder if they are trying to sync the audio with the video and it isn’t working so well. If you play the cutscenes in Firefox there isn’t any accompanying audio. In the game when it starts stuttering and stopping the video will jump over sections to keep in sync with the audio.

The tool used to create the Webm files for the remastering was ffmpeg is it possible that is causing this issue ?. Something in the way video/audio sync is handled ?