Website feature: read message

I guess this is the right area for this. This is fairly minor complaint about the way the forum behaves but it annoys me enough to bring it to attention.

You know how there are these notifications on threads for new messages and old messages and how they go away after you read them? Sometimes they don’t. They also take longer to get marked as read than it takes me to read them and go away. I can have threads I check out constantly showing me there’s messages I apparently haven’t checked out only to find out I totally have.

Does this get on anyone elses nerves and is there anything that could be done about this?

Are you referring to the notifications that pop up in the menu you get by clicking on your avatar icon in the top right of the site, or the ones that show on threads etc when browsing the site? If the latter, I’m not seeing any issues on my system. I’d suggest you check your browser to see what your global page refresh settings are. If the former, the notifications do sometimes pop in after the fact then disappear, especially if they’re referencing a thread I’m currently reading. It’s usually not more than a few seconds though, and they clear out pretty quickly if I access the menu. Those may also be affected by your browser settings.

The ones that show on threads. I’ve no problem with the “avatar notifications”.

It’s starting to get annoying checking out updated topics, coming out of them only find out the forum is claiming that there’s still unread posts. You have to stay on them for way too long inside the threads to guaranteed it counts them as having been read.

GBX might be at the mercy of the forum software providers whims so I’m guessing there’s not much to be done about it but I wanted to say it’s annoying in case there is.

Not seeing that happen here. Firefox 48.0.2 desktop version (Mac). Did you check your browser settings?

It’s happening to me when I page through messages fast enough. It doesn’t take me that much time to read through the short ones.

I’m fairly sure there’s nothing wrong with my browser but I’m also unsure what you mean by global refresh settings. Automatic refreshing extension or something else? I’m on Chrome, BTW.

There should be a setting somewhere to tell Chrome how often it should check if a page has been updated, and refresh the page if it has. I’ve just been poking around in my Firefox (don’t have Chrome) but it seems it’s one of the many settings they’ve buried beyond the “casual user” settings. Not having much luck on the googles searching for information about Chrome settings. Maybe @nathanielmattock might know?

I’ll look into that later then. Too tired today to start wrestling with stuff that might require figuring out where to pull out settings not directly available in the settings menu. I’m sure they are hidden away somewhere like they are on Mozilla but I’ve never needed to do anything to those on Chrome so far.

Moved, as this isn’t ‘news’.

Yeah, I noticed. Thanks for that.

I just read the sub-header that it’s also for website features but I missed the “official” part in the beginning of it.

No worries!

When did you become Australian?! :confounded: (Just finished reading “Last Continent”, which is totally not Australia.)

I’ve always said that…

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It seems to me that this is a feature not included in Chrome itself because there a lot of addons on the Chrome store about Auto Refresh. I’d say try one of those and see if it has the settings you want.