Wedding Invitation/Bloodletter/Deathless Build

I’ve been using solely Blast Master now for as long as I can remember. When M4 came out I tried using a deathless/bloodletter build but remember the damage was pretty poor and well I never looked back. Thought I’d try to revisit the combo with a BM/SoR build and see how it plays in SS for fun.

I tried using a couple different non-splash weapons at first (it’s been so long…) and they were all pea-shooters but then I tried the WI and jesus christ. It was good already in my SF build but here it’s another level. Using a 125% fire anoint, this thing tears through M4 SS. You can easily build 10+ PD stacks and hit crits for 1M+, one-shotting badasses. I’m running 0 points in DW and it’s not even needed because of how fast you rip through the mobs. I’ve tried the transformer and rico for shields, haven’t tried BBB yet, both are very good and it’s not hard to hit 80k+ shields. Healing is simply not needed.

I’ve never cleared SS faster before on moze and it’s extremely satisfying to boot. Definitely need the 125% fire. Unfortunately probably not very viable in the takedown without any healing/health gate. Here’s the tree, nothing revolutionary.

*As @roboteconomist pointed out, a shield maiden with 4 or 5 points in PD is probably your best bet here. If planning to only use WI, you could also take the last 10 points out of BM and put them into SoR to max out Vladof Ingenuity and Behind the Iron Curtain for even more survivability.

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Try that build with either a Low Life with 3 points of TRL or a Shield Maiden with as many points Phalanx as you can manage. Shield recharge is your friend.

I thought the invitation had splash damage though? Is it on kill?

it deals extra splash dmg on crits

Yea I didn’t mean to imply the WI didn’t do splash, sorry.

@roboteconomist A shield maiden with 5/5 PD might be interesting and I do have a low-life I can try out. I mostly went with the bloodletter because it has both DM and PD but the 50% recharge rate penalty is a bummer for sure. Would be nice if they finally removed those from the com.

I was always okay with the recharge delay and penalty on the BL because the point was to use grenade regen, rather than the shield’s nature recharge ability.

Yea that was the reasoning they used when they added the penalties but that was also before they fixed the tesla interaction with vampyr. Now with the limited amount of grenades that can effectively provide healing I think they should remove it. It would also make vampyr a little less important for a bloodletter build.

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Huge agree. The whole reason for using shields over health is the regen. Remove that and it might as well be health.