Wedding Invitation Drop Source?

Now that the valentines event is over, does this thing drop anywhere??? I didn’t get any annointed on it (sad face) … just wondering.

Nope, it was an event only item. That said, in the valentines event skulls randomly spawned with Halloween event items, so I wouldn’t rule out it possibly appearing in future events

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Bummer… would have liked to get a better one. Granted… it’s pretty damn strong, but … .oh well.

Maybe try your systems trade forum, might be able to do a deal for one

maybe itll be a drop with the new dlc since it does seem it was made for the occasion.


If you’re on PS4. Add me. Mention what you need in the message and which specific annointment.

I really hope this given that it seems tied to the dlc after all hammerlock is marrying Wainwright jakobs owner and its a sniper for hunters like hammerlock plus its special affect seems like some thing hammerlock would use he mainly hunts beasts (flesh based) enemies and the two ricocheting shots cc and most beasts are in groups so kinda seems heavily dlc inspired

Only way to get right now is trading, but they should add it to DLC, with a legit way to farm it multiple times. The weapon wasn’t hard to get, but it was just one try per character and the right annoint can give up to 300% increased damage.

Hi, I’m looking for some guns too, maybe you want to trade? My ps4 ID is DiegoMercury