Wedding Invitation Dropping, Sweet?!

Anyone else seeing the Wedding Invitation drop in DLC2? I’m on PS4 playing in Curse Haven farming for a Clairvoyance and I’ve had 3-4 Wedding Invitations drop… I thought this was a reward only? I’m not complaining at all… just pointing it out for anyone else that may want to farm for one that didn’t get the lvl 65 Anointed version they wanted.


Huh. Are you sure it’s not an Unseen Threat?

Wonderful news if true. :slight_smile:

100% Sure. I only have two lvl 65 characters and now have 6 lvl 65 Wedding Invitations, all different anointments.

I’d rather have the Unseen Threat honestly but kind of stoked that the reward is bugging and dropping as a world drop.

Just saw a note that they released the WI as a world drop from Legendary Hearts… So, if you’re interested in farming a WI, keep going for those hearts!


Yeah, they did release an “update”, guess to compensate those who had the event card/UI bug in the ECHO tab, so the Wedding Invitation drops from the hearts.


The Terminal Polyaimourous also dropped with four Wedding Invitations in a single run of Arms Race.

Yup. Update announced on Twitter and no where else that I can see. They also increased the heart spawn rates. They’re supposed to be working on getting the cosmetics to people who can’t claim them. But no word on fixing the wedding invitation not able to get any of the cartel anoints.


I just posted a thread about this too… lol… DLC 2, nothing but Wedding Invitations and Poly SMGs dropping from golden hearts… I’m on PC.

I was doing Slaughterstar 3000 with my Amara… dropped about 4 dozens Wedding Invitations and I quit counting the Polyaimorous… I’m on PC. I don’t think they planned for this to drop like that :laughing:

Had a bunch drop running the Anvil this afternoon. Pleasantly surprised

Likewise. BTW, am I the only one who needs The Anvil to load for like 20-30 seconds before I can play?

Right? To me this is the bigger question. Might get on to see if I get any

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Can Wedding Invitation drop with Gamma Burst anoint?

Edit: Just found one.

I hate “Events”. This is not an MMO. Offline ought not be left out simply because the devs are very nearly as smart as Mr. Torgue AKA REASONS.

I was just going to post the same thing. running the maliwan takedown and the both the sniper and smg are dropping like crazy.

now if I can only get a skull to spawn and get it to drop the vindicator ghast call.

I got a Scream of Terror and a Fearmonger the other day, it is a possibility.

yeah, i got the stalker as well.

bit lame for the hearts to almost exclusively be dropping the smg and wi, especially in arm’s race–i had picked up like 30 of them but could only extract a few.

Ive had the opposite playing this morning, shot about 30 golden hearts and they drop no loot at all for me now. Not even greens or whites

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wait where did you see that???

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