Wedding Invitation In-game drop

During the current event, I got a Wedding Invitation to drop from a golden heart… Just passing it along.

And I got a second one to drop… it has to be a glitch… two golden hearts in DLC 2 and two wedding invitations dropped… weird… but I’m not complaining.

Ok, it’s definitely a glitch… I just shot my third golden heart and two wedding invitations and a poly smg just dropped… lol… Unless it’s part of a mini event… did I miss that announcement?

I know they are extending the event for people that couldn’t redeem any rewards. Possibly it’s an accidental side effect? Either way thanks for posting this, gonna go farm after work

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You’re welcome… I also get some skulls once in awhile, instead of hearts…lol

Not a glitch, the WI and Polyaimorous are dropping from loot hearts for the remainder of the event to help out those players who have the rewards glitched. They’ve also increased the spawn rate for loot hearts. Get your farm on!

Going to close this one, since we don’t need that many threads on the topic (and there’s at least one more!)