Wedding Invitation is dumb

…foundedly good…? Sorry, I’m kind of lagging due to work and other stuff, but sniping is my main occupation in all Borderlands games and it was in a lamentable state of affairs.

So you can imagine my surprise! Whoever has created it, you just nailed it. This is exactly what I wanted from the game.

It’s dumb, in a wonderful way :sweat_smile:


You click-baiting son of a ***** :joy::joy::ok_hand:t2:


Devs: “Say, that’s a really great, fun rifle we’ve created. Sure would be a shame if someone… nerfed it.” :smirk:


The Fun Detector stirs…

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Why you gotta jinx it?

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I’m just paying attention to their track record on these things with this game. It’s as if the Development Team for this game has never played any of the other Borderlands games, so they don’t know how guns are supposed to be in this series! :roll_eyes: