Wedding Invitation not level 65

I thought that you could only get this item at level 65 mayhem 10 through the event. I just did a run with a level 10 Zane and got level 53 unanointed gear from the event. Was I just wrong or is this a bug?

I had seen elsewhere that it’s minimum level locked to 53 but will otherwise be the level of your character. If that’s true then no, not a bug.

Minimum level for BHD guns is lvl 53. If your character is higher lvl than this it will be on your level at the moment of opening the chest.

Why would this be a thing? It makes no sense.

When the event first rolled out, the rewards were fixed at level 53 which was max possible level at the time. I guess GBX achieved that by setting a minimum item level, which is a feature already existing within the game (rather than tweaking the loot tables). Unfortunately, it’s not been changed.


Because they just recycle past events…

Cpt haunt still had his immunity bug…

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Incompetence from them again.

For having the gun drop at your level between 53 and 65?

That’s rather low on the levels of annoyance and incompetence.

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Are you serious?

Why try to earn a useless reward (e.g. a gun well below level)?

That’s rather high on the level of incompetence as it should be an EASY FIX if they bothered to implement it.

they don’t even both to fix the stated timeline of the event. when broken hearts was active this year the echo device tab dedicated to it said it ran through feb 20 when it was feb 25th. same thing happened with the halloween event. may not affect the game itself but it’s evidence of how little they prioritize fixing all the little glitches (e.g. the linc is supposed to be anointed after a patch a while back, wasn’t, and never got fixed as far as I know).

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It should drop from a minimum of level 53 up to a maximum of the cap (65). It was only the lowest level requirement that was fixed. OP was using a level 10 character for farming…

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My misunderstanding.