Week 2 drop rates

What is the go with the boss drops this week 2 event i have gotten maybe 3 legendary things this whole week the bosses spawn but nothing drops and im putting alot of hours farming in …
so whats the drop rate like for them?
p.s. im in TVHM and M3 on console.

I’ve been playing normal, m3 and farming graveward a lot. He seems to be dropping mods and 3 to 4 legendaries fairly frequently (online) and before he was dropping none to 2 max, super rare to get a mod. (Xbox)

yea im online as well i restart the game get the update to take me back to the title screen go back in nad they drop everything but legendary stuff and i have done the rounds on most of the boss mobs mainly the redjabber, the grogan and the power ranger guys

I’ve noticed that the drop rate varies different times I’ve loaded in to the game. Maybe try closing the game entirely and relaunching. I’ve noticed I still get more regular class mods from graveward then the troopers though. Just a note.

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