Week 2 - Road Dog, how to find it?

re-started my game over 80 times, still nothing to see on my board @ sanctuary 3… can anyone explain to me how to find the quest / locations of this weeks special spawns? would love to start with Road Dog but the quest is never up in Sanctuary III (PC).

Hope someone can help me out.

P.S. even rebooted the game + Epic Games (completely shut down then restart) but nothing.
P.S. Finished the game on TVH Mayhem 3 100% so I should be viable for this.

EDIT: My friend hosted one and he has 2 “computers” on his wall, and I only have one. Maybe my game wont patch or something? I have hang out in the main menu for 1 hour and nothing. Rebooted computer 3 times, et cetera… whats wrong?

Just go to their spawn points. You dont need the quest. All rare spawns have an increased chance to spawn now if not out right 100%.

For reference Road Dog is found in The Splinterlands, and is basically in the middle of the map.

I just went there 12+ times not a single spawn… I checked my game version it is the latest… maybe this event is bugged for me?.. over 100 game resets not 1 single spawn in Sanctuary III

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The event requires a micropatch (similar to a hotfix). That in turn requires it to be loaded in to memory. If you’re not connected to the internet or you spam the buttons to quickly to get into the game, you might not have it applied.

Rare Spawn Hunt starts in 2 hours.

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Good catch. Time zones suck!

borderlands 3 rare spawn hunt не работает , нет боссов…всё в обычном режиме, это только у ру игроков похоже ?

I have waiting in menu for over 1 hour, also restarted the game and again waited. It works for my brother but not for me… any idea?

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The event isn’t live yet

@nilinjw: Moved you to the right section.

From the original event announcement:

That is 2 hours from now, so week 1 is still in affect until then.

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спасибо за ответ, получается начнётся в 20:00 Московского времени ?

As far as I know you have to have your friends kill him in order to get the quest.

how is it possible that it is working for my brother then? he is in the same timezone lol… ill wait 2 hours then thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

попробуйте перевести время на компе, напишите пожалуйста, получится ли тогда)

+2 hours from right now, whatever that is in Moscow!

Is he getting the spawns for the new event, or simply clearing them for the first time in regular game?

Where do i find info on this event? Its not under gearbox news that i can see.

Simple it is not working for your brother. Rare spawn enemies have a rare chance of showing up in their location.

What you see on the wall is a quest that quarantees you will see that enemy. Thos quests only show up for you when your friends hunt and kill rare spawn enemies. So there is no guarantee that you will have those quests. So instead of waiting for your friends to find and kill them to give you a guaranteed shot at them perhaps it is better to go hunt for them yourself.

So if you know the rare spawn you want to kill but don’t remember their location then just google the exact location of the rare spawn you want to kill. Then activate the closest revive (new-u) station to that specific rare spawn location. Next go to that spawn location. If the rare does not show, just quit and reload your game and keep doing it until the rare does appear. Then kill it, claim loot and if you want to keep farming that specific rare, collect your loot, sign out, reload into that same new-u and repeat process.

Sounds to me like him and his brother are looking at the guaranteed bounties that show up for people in sanctuary whenever their friends kill a rare boss.

you can use this if you want find specific enemy or place in BL3