Week 3 Show me the eridium, for love of god I hope its not a simple increase in eridium drop rate

Please please be the week 3 event not what I think it is based on the title, if its a eridium increased drop rate I would totally lose my ■■■■, because eridium is USELESS in the game atm after you buy everything from earl, and we dont need a boost for that.


I’m hoping they release a patch before that event starts that includes a bunch of new cosmetics and other ways to use eridium and then also buffs drop chance.
That’d be dope.

But that’s just a pipe dream.


maybe it’ll be an increase in eridium + legendary annointed rewards in earls vending machine for an increased price


But it’s Show me the eridium. I expect nothing but that. Hopefully they will add something worth to spend it later.

I have 15,000 eridium

Wonder what the max is?


if its something like loot o gram, give earl eridium and there is a chance for legendary global drops to spawn, exactly like loot o gram works, atm have like 37k eridium and everything from earl sold out, there is got to be more than just a eridium drops

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I was personally hoping show me the eridium was like “show me the eridium and you get to finally go into the raid boss”


I guess 99,999

dude there are tons of guides on how to farm thousands of eridium in just a few hours, furthermore it only has 4 uses: crazy earls cosmetic shop, crazy earls gun vending machine, the eridium slots and the gun gun.

what? … I didnt ask for that, your answer man, did you read only the title only from this thread ? I dont need eridium, we dont need eridium, we need much more than that during that week

Nah. For this week only everything from Earl will cost 10 times normal price. All so we can offload it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

I would wager that Earl will be restocked with special one-week only cosmetics.

Please actually sell nice stuff for Moze, she got so shafted with cosmetics compared to the others


no you asked for more E drops when we don’t NEED more E drops. at one point its ONLY use becomes the slots because the gun gun only gives you meh purples, earls shop doesn’t sell great guns and you can eventually buy out the cosmetic shop. you do not need more of it than there already is, if your getting lower amounts that just means your low level and you don’t have the e shard braker and bad asses/named guys are not dropping it for you yet, I am DROWNING in it and I just blow it all on the slots

you obviously cant read and were putting words in his mouth he didnt ask for more drops you just decided to assume and not read @proxyjames literally the first message in this thread

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Damn bro can you read how’d you get to this website

If it’s just an increase then Gearbox is tone deaf as all get out about end game currently. Sitting at 16k eridium and nothing to do with it, and I haven’t even been on the last few days as i’m tired of fishing for better anointed versions of what I have now. I’m already pretty much out of reasons to play and if this next week is just an increase boy oh boy am I not going to be able to talk myself into signing on :confused:

If its anything like last event it will be a waste of time?

and there seems to be a trend…not looking good for the longevity of this game

Maybe there will be guardian ranks added in the future for reading comprehension…this guy needs it.

if they only increase the drop it will be the biggest joke in the borderlands world :smiley: legit there is nothing u can use the eridium for only for cosmetics the slot machine’s weapons sux they should have been legendaries at least…