Week 3 Show me the eridium, for love of god I hope its not a simple increase in eridium drop rate

GearBox totally ignored this thread, was hardly to miss at all since it was in front page of general discussion for 4 days… my eridium is useless during this event week, we got increased eridium drops and 90% of community already did graveward so many times they got over 20k eridium and earl cosmetics sold out… cant believe gear box does not even read the forums anymore…

How many of you farmed Graveward during this 2 weeks of “Increased drop rates” ? Pain and terror / Katagawa JR and Storm troopers didnt provide as they should… we all resorted to farm Graveward which got better drops, and we also got tons of eridium from him… they totally ignored player feedback.

Like I said, it’s Show Me The Eridium. It’s all over the face. Expecting more than that is like expecting a big boat in Christmas.

but they didnt change crazy earl rewards and 90% of community has earl store on sold out … they could have added the global comsetic drops to him, so we can buy what we was missing OR replace the totally useless epic items from the vending machine with random legendaries at a increased price ofc…

another proof that gearbox do not listen to the community :smiley:

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There are over three days between posts on this thread. It was not on the front page for four days.

90%? I highly doubt that 90% of the millions of people who bought this game spent the last two weeks farming Graveward.

It’s really nothing to get upset about. You still have the game, you can still play the game, so what difference does it makes? Imagine complaining about a free in-game event.

Despite what some people here seem to believe, the player base does not consist exclusively of hardcore graveward farmers with 500 hours in the game and full perfect lgendaries.

More Eridium this early in the game’s lifespan is just fine. Not every event has to cater to the hardest of the hardest core.

(With that said, if they try another Eridium event in 3 months without also releasing more content, it’ll be pretty silly).


2 million of ppl bought the game, that does not mean all of them play it in this moment 30 days after release, the ppl who are left to play atm for the ones looking for the grind and loot.

The game sold 6 million copies in the first week.

This is sheer nonsense. The people who grind and farm are in the vast minority of any gaming community. If you’re going to cherrypick, at least be accurate.

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the ppl left are the ones looking for perfects stats anointed gear on all items for theyr OP 1 shot boss killing build, cherrypick that

Now you’re just being argumentative. Believe it or not, there are still people who haven’t finished the game and there are still new players buying the game every day. Drop this elitist attitude and be grateful that GBX are giving you any free events at all.


I am discussing the event. I’m just not up in arms about it, and I’m pointing out that your statistics are grossly incorrect.


I know people that are still working through their first playthroughs. I even know some people that even (gasp) didn’t buy it on launch day.

I should tell them that they don’t exist so they stop messing up 'mah events. :grimacing:


you are correct. yeah, I nearly have the game done(92%, just got to finish a few more side missions), but on my other characters, I have yet to complete the story with them. and, I need eridium so I can buy their cosmetics.


the cosmetics from earl shop are shared across all characters, if you sold out on 1 character its across all character sold out…

the weapon skins and the room cosmetics are. skins and heads are not.


I know one of each of those. I keep a low level FL4K to play with them. They’re irrelevant though, filthy casuals.

Had the game since day 1. Still playing through the story on my first character (about 75% done).

Yeah, let’s NOT make assumptions about who’s playing and how far they’ve got. In addition:

  • Discuss the game not other players
  • Keep the platform wars out of it as well please.

It’s all in the FORUM RULES


So this eridium event exist because gearbox watched statistics and saw that majority of ppl need more eridium, if thats true than ok, but what if gearbox pulled this event because they make assumptions that ppl might need eridium without consulting the community ? If thats true what makes my thread different from the gearbox one posting info about week 3 event ?

OK Since this event starts tomorrow and there’s an official announcement thread I’m closing this one as redundant. Also initiating PMs…

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