Weekly Challenge: Promethea Creatures?

I think only Ratches counts is it but how can I farm killing those? Cistern of Slaughter doesn’t seem to count when I started killing those monkey creatures. I kinda hate to kill like 5-10 ratches before I quit and restart over

Any good spots to farm them?

OH! Also the progress bar actually jumps around, even decreasing the amount I kill. I don’t know what is up with that or if my Iron Cub killing ratches decreases my kill count

You can kil them on Athenas. Every map counts, even dlc like Jackpot.


All this time I thought I gotta do those in respected map locations. Thanks for the help

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For the standard challenges, service bots count as Promethean creatures too, I think it might work the same for weekly ones!

Yup, Spendopticon is good place for that challenge, but 300 is small number it will be done just by normal playing.

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I figured the cistern of slaughter promethea would be perfect but they don’t count… Why??

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The challenge pretty much means you gotta kill Ratches and luckily you can kill those not just on Promethea but anywhere it can be found

Can someone please tell me where you find the count towards the 300? We have looked everywhere but all we see is the check box next to the weekly quest. Don’t know if we need one more or 100. Playing PS4. Thank you!

Just figured out that the problem is in vertical split screen the the count does not show. Would be nice is this was corrected.