Weekly Free Hero Rotation

(Not a Lizard Person ) #1

Hey everyone!

The Battleborn Free Trial features a weekly rotation of heroes, giving new users the best chance to experience the unique features of each of the Battleborn!

This week, the free heroes are Beatrix, Marquis, Boldur, Ernest, Caldarius, and Shayne and Aurox!

If you’re interested in making one of the heroes featured in the Weekly Free Hero Rotation yours permanently, you can purchase them bundled with a skin and taunt for 10-20% off in the Battleborn Marketplace! The sales change when the rotation changes, so be sure to act quickly!

The Weekly Free Hero Rotation changes every Thursday at 12pm PT/3pm ET.

(Not a Lizard Person ) #2

(Vagrantsun) #3

The Sniper Pack™. @HandsomeCam, get ready to dispense Toby advice. I suspect I’ll spend most of this week doing the same in QM.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #4

Thanks for the ping: i will be stalking the forums more than usual, if that is even possible, haha. Just as a heads up, i always refer those who request Toby advice or gear builds to you and @Moostacho, who play around with the latter more.

(The Title Master) #5

I love how they put Thorn and Toby in the same rotation, just setting him up to be countered :joy:

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #6

Can’t wait for them to make a rotation with Kelvin, S&A, Ghalt, Montana, Rath, and Kleese.

(Vagrantsun) #7

I did notice this, unfortunately.


Cool beans!

Me likey!