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Hi i would like to suggest to the devs a change on attikus pounce. Change the silence to a knock up when fully charged instead of the silence.

Currently his silence doesnt last long, is hard to land and requires a minimum distance. What i mean with hard to land as a counter play, its usually used vs chaneled ults but cant be used to stop or prevent a skill in middle of action.

With this change attikus would feel more impactfull (joke) when engaging as disruptor. Currently his pounce is used more as an escape instead to initiste with its full potential.

@Jythri some internal testing and feed back if posible would be amazing. I think this could be rly strong and shift the way attikus is used, reduce his hp to compensate would be understandable.

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Attikus is really strong right now as it is. I don’t think a knock up is the route to go. Even if it’s only a straight up and down like Rath’s, Attikus is tall enough to start hitting characters from the moment he comes in and only a few characters have the option of sliding out of it before hitting the ground. That’s way too many free punches for a guy who’s currently hitting as hard as Big Daddy.

Attikus has always been this strong, why suddenly everyone seems to use him?

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He’s stronger and easier to use since the buffs from the Summer Update. Plus his biggest competition for melee king got some major nerfs to her kit, turning people off her new playstyle and looking for other options.

It’s not quite as popular as the CC meta, but I’ve seen a number of teams utilizing what I refer to as the Attikus Smash comp. They’re essentially doing what a lot of teams used to do back when El Dragon was at his peak. They’ll chain 2 supports worth of backup on him and let his fully charged initiations rampage over the other team.

It’s not as overall powerful as El Dragon’s 2 second stun, but the damage goes over a much bigger area and offers some nasty CC.

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Was the pounce area and hp buff enough to make him easier?

I actually thought it was how voxis core, bolas and poor impulse how they work together with his herdonic arc dot… With each explosion it made the dot spread and deal more dmg wounding a big area.

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This^. On Thorn too. Those two legendaries NEED to be removed…

Actually i tested voxis core before the recent update on legis and thorn dot didnt spread; now when you fully charge ur arrow and there are enemies close to each other your dot will explode.

I think they stealth buffed voxis… Or lag?

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It spead to me behind cover as Rath (low health) quite a few times as Rath a couple days ago; @AncientBelgareth can back me up here. Stealth change is possible.

I don’t use legendaries on Attikus and the buffs have definitely put him into a stronger position. The additional health with larger AoE on pounce allows him to easily initiate into a flank position, get a quick kill and get out.

Late game of course it just intensifies. I had recently played an Incursion match in which towards the end I was pouncing in, activating all of my skills, getting a quick double-kill, and walking away while their second sentry shot at me. Waited for pounce cooldown to reset and repeat.

Edit: to further my point, I’m not even very good with Attikus!

I think ppl also dont know how to deal with him, not many ppl used him and less used him correctly.

He is so easy to shut down with cc and ranged attack… But i see many players panic instead of fight him or fighting him when they should flee.

He has always been this strong :confused: pounce dmg or silence has never been the reason to use ir to initiate…

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Personally, I’d almost put mid-late game Attikus as the 2nd hardest to kill after Boldur. If you have a support on your team, you should be able to pounce in at that point for the most part. The knock-up would likely need other parts of Attikus’ kit nerfed before it gets implemented. Would the effect of his pounce be more significant or have a longer duration that it has now, then counter-play would be quite difficult considering his sheer tankiness, damage output and mass-CC to deny the enemy team to interrupt him.

I think this was well put;


I had a high win ratio with atty prior to the buff. I disagree with the terminology used here. He didn’t get ‘stronger’, he got bulkier. I think that’s how Dante is viewing this as well. Ultimately I think we all agree he’s eaten a ton of pizza since the update began. But whatever.

I am against the knock up if it has enough room to fit an enemy minion underneath the target character. If that condition is met then I would find a slight off balance stuffer step to be an interesting alteration to the nearly useless buff pounce currently gets from five charges. Yup, my two cents.

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I’m in favor of a strong pull like Gali when big daddy lands while fully charged. The silence is good where it stands I feel. I’ve been pounced and silenced and it’s given me a good OH F _ _ K panic moment.

Obviously give him a smaller pull radius tho because Gali can pull me off of a ledge 30 ft away :stuck_out_tongue: